Stage 7 Tower Proposed for South City Square

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Architectural rendering of Pellicano's proposed stage 7 tower - part of South City Square in Woolloongabba

A development application has been submitted for the seventh stage of Pelicano’s South City Square in Woolloongabba.

Stage 1, 2 & 3 of South City Square is completed with stage 4, includes the new Hyatt Place Hotel is currently under construction.

This proposed application for stage 7 is the second last stage of the wider South City Square development and represents the last major residential tower site for the project.

Designed by DBI Architecture, the building’s external appearance has changed slightly from the original South City Square master plan and comprises of 152 apartments across fifteen levels.

Architectual rendering of Pellicano's proposed stage 7 tower - part of South City Square in Woolloongabba
Architectual rendering of Pellicano’s proposed stage 7 tower – part of South City Square in Woolloongabba

According to architect DBI, the building is curvaceous in nature and has been designed as an ‘iconic building’ that features a different design architectural approach for the broader South City Square precinct due to its key location within the development.

The application includes a large public garden called ‘Secret Garden’, designed by Oculus which is proposed for along the eastern boundary of the site.

The proposed Secret Garden includes the following attributes:

  • A total of three, formal playful structures for children to enjoy
  • Stone steppers through the garden that allow for children to journey through the entire garden from start to finish
  • The proposed Secret Garden is designed around sustainability, with recycled materials to form part of the formal play structures
  • To enhance the sensory experience of the Secret Garden, water misters will be integrated with the play elements
  • The garden provides a diversity of plant species that ranges from ground covers, shrubbery and trees
  • No structures are proposed in the tree protection zone that could impact on root structure.

“The Stage 7 works are designed to be an extension of the public realm works established within the previous stages. This integrated design approach ensures that there is a legibility within the public realm, that encourages movement throughout the precinct. The proposed design within this portion of works looks to create an informal garden with a layered and organic quality. The garden also provides more opportunities for self directed play, for both adults and children, looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the precinct.

The Secret Garden is a green, abundant and cool sanctuary within the precinct. Protected by planting along its
periphery, the inner garden is hidden from sight, crossing the threshold, you are transported into a different world with a series of landscape rooms to be explored.

The open lawn, surrounded by lush, tropical planting, provides a passive area for the public to sit and look across the garden. Informal paths, dotted with site salvaged boulders, provide an informal play space for children to conquer, discovering playful structures that they can interact with. Coloured timber logs are laid along the paths and within the garden beds to provide an informal play experience for children and adults.”

– Oculus

The proposal includes a rooftop communal deck which features:

  • Residential pool, with day beds (double sized) being located around the pool area for residents to utilise
  • Private dining, semi-private dining areas and ‘high bar’ seating pod for residents to book
  • In addition to the above, the rooftop will include a large artificially grassed area with a separate relaxation deck for residents to use for fitness activities and mindfulness activities
  • The discrete elements of the rooftop will be separated by landscaping including both planters, screening and statement trees.

Project rundown

  • Total Site Area: 21,222sqm
  • Height: 15 storeys + rooftop level / 57.65m
  • Apartments: x123 1 bed apartments, x28 2 bed, 2 bath apartments, x1 3 bed apartment. x152 apartments total.
  • Lifts: x2
  • Retail: x3 ground floor retail tenancies
  • Communal Space: Rooftop recreation deck
  • Car Parking: 188 spaces
  • Bike Parking: 168 spaces
  • Landscape Design: Oculus
  • Sustainability: The development includes a provision for a rooftop solar array system which would provide power to common areas.




Tell us what you think about this masterplan below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Developmenti online platform is A005856292.

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  • Only two units types actually have a small space for a dining table.
    These units are getting smaller and smaller. What is DBI thinking when putting things like this on the paper???

  • Well either the units are small because DBI don’t like people and want to put them in tiny boxes, as some of the public seem to believe, or maybe its more likely that they are just drafting the instructions given to them by profit-hungry developers.

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