Welcome to the Brisbane Development Map

The Brisbane Development Map is a free and user-friendly resource that provides information on all known development and infrastructure projects in Brisbane. It offers an interactive platform to explore ongoing and upcoming projects, with details such as project images, status, and stakeholders involved. The map is continuously updated and encourages community engagement. Please note it's for informational purposes and official sources should be consulted for the latest information.

How to use the Brisbane Development 3D Map

PANNING: On desktop, right-click and drag mouse to pan around 3D Brisbane or hold down ctrl and left click. On mobile, use two fingers to swivel around 3D Brisbane

ZOOM: On desktop, use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out. On mobile, pinch the screen with two fingers.

The map illustrates major proposals, approvals and projects under construction.

Red Buildings are proposed applications which have been submitted to Council, but not yet approved.

Orange Buildings are proposed applications which have been appealed, refused or withdrawn by the submitter. These applications are therefore not approved.

Green Buildings are applications that have been approved by Council. These applications have not yet commenced construction.

Blue Buildings are approved developments that have commenced construction. These buildings are still in the construction phase and have not yet completed.

Purple Buildings are larger development projects which form part of a master planned development. These areas are generally proposed and not yet approved by Council.

Grey Buildings are completed development projects.

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