Queens Wharf Ancillary Features

Artist's Impression

Queens Wharf’s other features range from extensive retail and recreation activities as well as entertainment. Below is a list of features coming to Queens Wharf:

  • 12 football fields of brand new public space
  • 5 new hotel brands including a six star Ritz-Carlton and five star RosewoodDorsett Hotels
  • 50 new bars and restaurants
  • A new pedestrian bridge to South Bank
  • A new 1,500-1,600 seat theatre complex in South Bank
  • The world’s largest nightly water and light show
  • Premium cinema, moonlight cinema and outdoor function area
  • A comprehensive outdoor gym in Waterline Park, located between the waterfront and 1 William Street. A full and extensive range of active recreation facilities such as Nike/Adidas exercise and play equipment, in a contemporary landscape.
  • Youth entertainment tech zone, 1500 seat ballroom, terrace, meeting rooms, gaming halls
  • 3 new residential towers varying in heights
  • 3 new hotel towers varying in heights
  • Horizon lounge and resort skypools


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