60-64 Doggett Street Newstead


A new DA by Cavcorp has been submitted for a new 91 apartment residential development located at 60-64 Doggett Street Newstead.

The development comprises of nine levels of 20 one-bedroom and 71 two-bedroom apartments, a level 4 communal pool, sundeck, vegetable garden, Gymnasium and landscaped areas.

Designed by Orbit Architecture, this project is one of a few recent developments in the Teneriffe/Newstead area by developer Cavcorp who is also developing Kurv, a residential development currently under construction.

Design Intent from DA:

The uniquely modelled street façade wraps the storeys in origami inspired folds creating a pleated surface with projections (mountains) and recesses (valleys) which succeed in enriching the streetscape whilst serving the pragmatic function of adaptive privacy for individual occupants.

The balcony angle articulation creates spaces enriched by contrasts of light and shade, exposure and protection, emphasized by the contrast between the bronze glass and clear glass.

The geometric and material principle of the facade continues through the external areas, creating interesting landscaped spaces for occupants to play, stroll and relax. The result is a crystallite object in which the environment is reflected like a picture puzzle and stiches together an eclectic neighbourhood.

The DA number for this development is (A003848454).

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