Proposed: Hampton Yards Project to Soar over Woolloongabba

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Architectural rendering of proposed Hampton Yards project by Sarazin in Woolloongabba

A development application has been submitted by Sarazin for a three-tower development located at 15-21 Wellington Road, East Brisbane.

Designed by Group GSA, the three high density residential towers comprise of 787 dwelling apartments and include a mix of one, two, three and four dwelling units across multiple typologies.

There are also 66 accessible apartments provided, representing approximately 8% of the total number of apartments, which is said will support safer homes that are easier to access for everybody.

Architectural rendering of proposed Hampton Yards project by Sarazin in Woolloongabba
Architectural rendering of proposed Hampton Yards project by Sarazin in Woolloongabba

According to the development application, the project would include a significant developer contribution to park upgrades within the 734m2 park dedication area and existing Watt Park (to be renamed ‘Whirling Water Park’), with art installations and improved embellishments to ensure the space can be an important asset for the local community.

The proposed plan envisions a three-stage phased execution of tower construction, park dedication, and enhancement.

This is a significantly improved building design compared with the existing approval, with a much clearer podium/tower form and three distinct towers with individual identities

Town Planners: Saunders Havill Group

The previous proposal on this site was for a 16-storey three-tower development proposed by Economidis & Yarnell Pty Ltd and designed also by Group GSA back in 2016.

The development includes seven ground floor retail spaces as well as 991m2 of commercial space located within level 2 on towers A & B, connected together via a dedicated skybridge.

The proposal consolidates communal open spaces on the three rooftops and podium level of Tower C. Communal open space includes a variety of activities and amenity for all residents, incorporating several different facilities, including:

  • Gyms
  • Large infinity pools or a plunge pool for each tower located on rooftop
  • Private dining areas
  • Lounge areas
  • Sauna and Steam rooms
  • Office space
  • Cabanas
  • Additional planting, including large tree planting
  • Outdoor BBQ and dining area
  • Dog walking/recreation deck (Tower C podium only)
  • Pickle ball court (Badminton-sized court, Tower C only)
Architectural rendering of proposed resident’s podium space within the Hamilton Yards project

The combination of the above amenities allows for highly useable spaces for all residents. The communal open space is positioned on the rooftops to welcome shaded natural sunlight and provide views out to the CBD. The open rooftops have been designed to maximise on the superb location this site has to offer and capture the natural breezes and sub-tropical climate.

Project rundown

  • Site Area: 7,148m2
  • Apartments: A total of 787 apartments
    • Tower A – x78 one bedroom apartments, x218 two bedroom apartments, x6 three bedroom apartments (x302 apartments total)
    • Tower B – x178 one bedroom apartments, x140 two bedroom apartments, x12 three bedroom apartments (x330 apartments total)
    • Tower C – x23 one bedroom apartments, x58 two bedroom apartments, x54 three bedroom apartments (x155 apartments total)
  • Height:
    • Tower A – 30-storeys / RL 107.6m
    • Tower B – 40-storeys / RL 141.6m
    • Tower C – 18-storeys / RL 70.5m
  • Elevators:
    • Tower A – 3 elevators. Lift-to-unit ratio of 1:100.6
    • Tower B – 4 elevators. Lift-to-unit ratio of 1:82.5
    • Tower C – 2 elevators . Lift-to-unit ratio of 1:77.5
  • Retail: 7 retail spaces totalling 882m2 ranging from 44m2 to 282m2
  • Commercial space: 991m2 of commercial space located within level 2 on towers A & B, connected together via a dedicated skybridge
  • Communal Space: Communal rooftop facilities are proposed on all three towers, including pools, gyms, private dining areas, BBQ and outdoor dining areas as well as a badminton-sized ball court.
  • Car Parking: 970 proposed bays
  • Bike Parking: 805 proposed bays
  • Developer: Sarazin
  • Architect: Group GSA
  • Landscape Design: Wild Studio
  • Town Planner: Saunders Havill Group
  • Sustainability: Living greenery and deep planting on some levels. Elevated gardens on all towers as well as PV panels have been proposed on the rooftops of all three towers as an alternate energy source. Water will be collected from rooftops and stored in a rainwater storage tank in the basement. This water will then be pumped through each building for irrigation. Separate chutes have been proposed to separate recycling from general waste.
  • Date Submitted: 30/08/2023
Architectural rendering of proposed rooftop PV panels on top of Hamilton Yards project

The development is only 10 minutes walking distance to the new underground Cross River Rail Woolloongabba station.




Landscape Plans

Tell us what you think about this development below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Developmenti online platform is:

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  • … and here’s the results from today’s round of Greedy Developer Bingo.

    For those playing along at home, you needed the following stereotypes:
    Change in tower height from modest 16 stories to 30 stories plus!! (But the developers are thowing you a bone with a larger parkland)
    Ludicrously high towers with shockingly minimal numbers of elevators to service them
    Glossy design renders using the 5am-Cinematography-Magic-Hour-Michael-Bay-Action-Film sunlight filter

    and of course, the regular supplemental:
    Clueless commenters complaining about the increased traffic congestion/ noise/ change in city this will create, and the mandatory slagging off of the design

    I look forward to the developers haggling with council and settling for a more modest 25 storey buildings; which of course is the point of submitting these initial applications in the first place.

    • It’s on Hampton Street, so it’s not a typo.

      The ‘yards’ is a bit of a stretch though. Maybe the site was a former tram yard like Buranda shopping centre.

  • Is it Hampton yards or Hamilton yards? The headline says the former, then the rest of the article the latter. Is this just poor writing?

  • I do believe that we need to provide more social and low cost housing especially in a radius of 5-10 km from the CBD.
    There also needs to be opportunity for build to rent apartments and I would like to see a social / local rental housing where one cannot be removed without a very good reason. .There is also a great need for apartments purpose build for handicapped and older people.
    Public transport needs to be much cheaper and more frequent and also serves outlying suburbs after 7 pm. Public parking on the road needs to be much more expensive.
    We visited my hometown ( 400.000 ) in the Netherlands last year and there are massive multi story carparks about 8 km from CBD and for 5 Euro.($ 8.00 ) 5 people can travel on public transport into the city and return to carpark for 24 hours.
    There are also shared car systems which work on a monthly membership fee + 25 eurocent /Km . These cars are parked in designated car spaces on public roads.
    We need to adapt to a different style of housing in our cities and give these “Mansions” a miss in inner city areas.
    I agree with the comment from Sar-Chasm that these proposed apartments need more lifts with at least 1 lift per 60 apartments.
    I am very lucky that i live in a 13 story apartment with 55 apartments and 2 lifts.

  • A cynical attempt to negotiate down to 25 floors – out of character with the whole area. A ghetto in the making.

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