New Cinema & Dining Redevelopment Proposed for DFO Jindalee

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Artist's impression of DFO Jindalee redevelopment

A development application has been submitted by Chin Yin Pty Ltd for a two-stage redevelopment of DFO Jindalee.

Stage 1 involves the reconfiguration of tenancies in the southeastern corner of the property which will accommodate a proposed BCF retail outlet. Additionally, stage 1 will include a reconfiguration of the southern loading zone, and changes in the hours of operation to suit the extended retail hours of BCF.

Stage 2A involves built form changes to accommodate a new six-theatre Reading Cinema which is set to include Reading’s premium Titan Luxe cinema. The proposal includes 207 sqm of gross floor area increase to the existing shopping centre, which is predominantly from space created underneath the new cinemas.

Newly created food and drink outlets are also planned along with improved pedestrian connectivity on the building’s eastern wall.

Artist's impression of DFO Jindalee redevelopment
Artist’s impression of DFO Jindalee redevelopment
Artist’s impression of DFO Jindalee redevelopment
Artist’s impression of DFO Jindalee redevelopment
Artist’s impression of DFO Jindalee redevelopment

Additional parking spaces are provided throughout the site, and changes in operational hours for the theatre and food and drink outlets. Stage 2A incorporates changes to the eastern facade and existing outdoor footpath.

The existing eastern solid wall will be replaced with additional entryways and permeable shopfronts which address both internal and external frontages. The outdoor footpath will be improved to incorporate landscaping treatments to accommodate an outdoor dining area.

The food and drink outlets will provide outdoor dining areas orientated to the east, providing an interface with the carpark and Pavilions Close.

DFO Jindalee is a 39,270sqm factory outlet shopping centre which was sold in 2016 for a reported $46.6 million to the locally-based Taiwanese Wen family who own a string of shopping centres throughout Queensland worth around $200 million.

The development application number for this project is A005092213.

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  • Hey I would like to apply for a job there can you please advice on how and where I can do that?

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