New Commercial Tower Proposed for 11 Sandgate Rd, Albion

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Artist's impression of 11 Sandgate Rd, Albion

A development application has been submitted by DRJ Investments Pty Ltd for the construction of a ten storey commercial building located at 4 Higgs Street and 11 Sandgate Road, Albion.

Designed by Red Door Architects, the development includes eight levels of commercial space, a two-story motor vehicle style showroom at ground level with cafe as well as a rooftop bar and restaurant on level ten.

The subject site, situated directly next to the Inner City Bypass is a visually prominent location for both inbound and outbound traffic from the CBD and is situated on the edge of the city frame.

According to the development application, the overall design is sympathetic to surrounding land uses (notably the Breakfast Creek Hotel) by ensuring the development presents an intensity, form, and character that responds and respects to the existing character and surrounding land uses.

Artist's impression of 11 Sandgate Rd, Albion
Artist’s impression of 11 Sandgate Rd, Albion
Artist’s impression of 11 Sandgate Rd, Albion

Development Rundown

  • 3 levels basement car parking, including bicycle parking and end of trip facilities
  • Ground level servicing areas, lobby, Showroom and Food and Drink Outlet
  • 9 storey Office component (with Showroom also on part of the first floor)
  • Rooftop Hotel component entailing a Bar and Restaurant use
  • Total Showroom GFA no greater than 1,500sqm combined across both nominated tenancies
  • Total office GFA approximately 8,950sqm
  • Total Hotel GFA approximately 322sqm
  • Total 136 parking spaces – 129 in basements, 7 services bays located at ground level
  • Landscaping outcomes accommodated 290sqm of the site (equivalent to 11.9%)
  • Total site cover of 1,762sqm (equivalent to 72.7%)

The southern frontage of the development site adjoins a dedicated pedestrian thoroughfare which functions in a similar way to a typical ‘cross block link’.

The site is strategically located within the City Frame and is well connected to planned growth nodes such as Newstead Riverpark, Racecourse Road, and Albion, as well as key transport corridors (ie. Kingsford Smith Drive Transport Corridor and Brisbane North-east Rail transport corridor). – Development Application

Red Door Architects states that the design adopts a unique palette consisting of modern industrial materials, textures, and colours.

The palette is a conscious reflection of the local identity which is historically identified by the surrounding low impact industrial uses.

The materials and finishes are fit to stand the test of time in paying homage to the local history and moulding them into a modern design which is vibrant through both day and night and accessible to the wider community.

Artist’s impression of 11 Sandgate Rd, Albion
Artist’s impression of 11 Sandgate Rd, Albion

However, in an information request document, Council has asked for more detail on the external architectural materials, finishes and details so that Council can carry out an appropriate assessment against the City Plan 2014.

The development application number for this project is A005081009.

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