Wynnum Plaza set for large scale redevelopment

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Artist's impression of Wynnum Plaza redevelopment

A development application has been lodged by Shayher Group, the owner of Wynnum Plaza for a large retail and residential redevelopment.

The redevelopment will comprise of a mix of uses including new retail, apartments and a cinema. The proposal will be delivered in six stages to allow the shopping centre to remain operational throughout construction.

Designed by Zenx architects, the development seeks to improve the centres functionality and has been subdivided into four distinct precincts, involving the reuse of existing retail and a new retail precinct to the north-west and at the centre of the site.

The central precinct (referred as ‘Precinct 1’) provides for additional food and beverage providers, a new anchor retailer, a commercial office, various speciality retail and a new boutique cinema. The bus stop is to be relocated to the southern part of Precinct 1.

The north-west retail precinct (‘Precinct 2’) provides for complementary small-scale retail and food and drink outlet at podium level. Precinct 1 and Precinct 2 seek to widen the lifestyle and entertainment offerings within the centre and provide a new “front door” to Wynnum Plaza, with well-connected casual dining zones and public spaces which activate Wynnum Road and promote surveillance.

“Our vision is for Wynnum Plaza to provide the people of Wynnum & surrounds an enhanced hub for economic and social exchange, through the introduction of robust, integrated retail mixed-use spaces.” – Zenx Architects

Artist’s impression of Wynnum Plaza redevelopment
Artist’s impression of Wynnum Plaza redevelopment from Wynnum Rd entry
Artist’s impression of Wynnum Plaza redevelopment from upper Wynnum Rd

The proposed redevelopment also includes the provision of new residential development above podium level, which are located at the north-western (‘Precinct 2’), north-eastern (‘Precinct 3’) and south-western (‘Precinct 4’) precincts.

The apartment buildings have direct frontage to Wynnum Road and Alter Streets and Plaza Streets and are located in immediate proximity to a range of amenities, including communal open space, public transport and retail and commercial uses.

Artist’s impression of Wynnum Plaza redevelopment

Development rundown

  • A total increase in GFA by 12,795sqm GFA, of which 9,108sqm of the GFA increase is attributed to retail uses, 3,376sqm GFA relates to entertainment and centre management and the remaining (i.e. 311sqm GFA) is associated with end-of-trip facilities.
  • The existing major retailers at the northern portion of the site (i.e. Woolworths, Coles and Kmart) are retained, along with various large format retail at the south of the site.
  • A total of eight multiple-dwelling apartment buildings are proposed, comprising a total of 184 units. The residential units are located above podium level and are accessed via lobbies located at ground level public space and within the various car parking basements.
  • Precinct 4 will comprise of x8 1 bedroom apartments, x36 2 bedroom apartments and x4 3 bedroom apartments.
  • Precinct 5 will comprise of x8 1 bedroom apartments, x47 2 bedroom apartments.
  • Precinct 6 will comprise of x12 1 bedroom apartments, x51 2 bedroom apartments and x18 3 bedroom apartments.
  • The proposed development involves the reconfiguration of existing tenancies.
  • The existing Wynnum Tavern is proposed to relocate to the new retail precinct at the north-west, with direct frontage to Wynnum Road. The existing Dan Murphy’s is proposed to be relocated to the central precinct.
  • The proposed development incorporates landscaping and greenery throughout the development to provide a high-quality outcome and soften the visual impact of the built form from the streetscape.
  • Part of Level 4 of the new central precinct is used for plant equipment. The plant is contained within a screened enclosure to minimise visual and nose impacts.
  • End-of-trips facilities is provided within basement level 2 of north-western precinct.
  • Car parking provided on the site will be a mix of basement, on grade and multi-deck parking to cater to the increase in density on the site.
  • Various communal outdoor terrace areas are provided at the ground level and the rooftop to support the activation of Wynnum Plaza and support the passive recreational needs of workers and residents.
  • 6,430sqm of communal open space comprising of ‘The Park’ (2,580sqm within precinct 4), ‘The Backyard’ (2,500sqm within precinct 2) and ‘The Courtyard’ (1,350sqm within precinct 3).
  • 775 car parking spaces (net increase), inclusive of 38 PWD spaces. This includes 512 non-residential car parking spaces, 263 residential car parking spaces, including 32 visitor spaces. The net increase will result in a total car parking supply from 1,376 to 2,151 car parking spaces.
  • 38 motorcycle bays
  • 354 bicycle parking spaces, including 64 non-residential bicycle spaces, 54 non-residential visitor bicycle spaces, 186 residential bicycle spaces and 50 residential visitor bicycle spaces.
Artist’s impression of Wynnum Plaza redevelopment

A series of demolition works are proposed to the existing buildings and removal of car parking spaces are required for construction.

The development aims to activate the precinct and enhance links both with the surrounding public space network and within the site. Existing dominance of on-grade car parking to Wynnum Rd is replaced with active built form edges which provide strong physical and visual connectivity to the street.

This building edge has continuous linkage further into the site, with casual dining uses predominant along a veranda form – reinforcing a semi-outdoor experience as part of this new street relationship. – Zenx Architects

The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Planning & Development Online is A005379691.

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