Work Begins on Key Brisbane Metro Station

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Artist's impression of UQ Brisbane Metro station

Thousands of university students and staff are set to benefit from the construction of a new Brisbane Metro station at UQ Lakes, as the review of Brisbane’s bus network begins.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner today unveiled the innovative designs of UQ Lakes Station along with plans to ensure future public transport services are tailored to meet demand.

“Brisbane Metro will deliver a fully-electric, turn-up-and-go public transport service with the greatest benefit to come during peak periods when most commuters travel,” Cr Schrinner said.

“Students and staff travelling to and from the University of Queensland generate almost 20,000 bus trips every day, so this area is a critical part of the network.

Artist’s impression of UQ Brisbane Metro station

“That’s why we are powering ahead with our plans to construct a Metro station at UQ Lakes along with the installation of charging equipment at this location for the state-of-the-art vehicles.

“This charging equipment is the first of its kind in Australia, with the Metro flash chargers returning the vehicle to full capacity in just six minutes.

“As part of the upgrade, UQ Lakes Station will gain a third new platform, to allow Metro services to operate seamlessly with other bus routes, connecting students from across the city with turn-up-and-go services.

Artist’s impression of UQ Brisbane Metro station

“The 19-station Brisbane Metro network will provide increased capacity and a better experience for all commuters when services start in 2024, while laying the groundwork for future expansion to other parts of Brisbane.”

Civic Cabinet Chair for Transport Ryan Murphy confirmed Council would this week commence a Bus Network Review to ensure the benefits of Brisbane Metro are experienced throughout the suburbs.

“Brisbane Metro will deliver one of the biggest-ever increases in network capacity, allowing for an extra 30.4 million passengers to use the busway by 2031,” Cr Murphy said.

Artist’s impression of UQ Brisbane Metro station

“The Bus Network Review will ensure all this extra capacity is going to areas where demand for services is growing the most.

“Brisbane’s bus network hasn’t had a root-and-branch review for over thirty years, and with Metro services commencing in 2024, now is the time to start the discussion with the community about bus network changes.

“Without making changes to the network, passengers will continue to be caught in congestion, with currently more than 385 buses clogging up the Cultural Centre station during peak times.

“From today, we’re asking our customers to tell us how they currently use public transport, so, we understand how an improved network can best work for them.

“Residents and commuters can register on Council’s website to take part in the review, which commences with a short questionnaire about how they use the network today.

“In October, Brisbane residents will be able to see detailed proposals for the network, including how their local bus routes will change once Brisbane Metro services commence.

“This is about listening to residents who want more services in the suburbs, less time caught up in congestion and convenient, turn-up-and-go services.”

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  • Looks good. Plenty of shading. Spacious. Is there amenity for disabled and wheelchairs to easily access the bus.

  • “Brisbane’s bus network hasn’t had a root-and-branch review for over thirty years”

    Not a successfully implemented one, anyway.

    The 2013-era review was pretty root-and-branch.

  • So basically the bike path no can’t get to the main-road and the guys who just started building it have already almost caused multiple crashes at the bridge exit. No thought to the thousands of daily commuters who need the bridge

  • Huh, I had an idea for the whole East-West MRT idea, but linked up to the suburban rail network, so each line runs separated to the others. With level crossing removals it’ll be a “true metro” network for the whole city.

    Downside is that it might have less stations to avoid slowing down the suburban service, but if the area is built up to an extended CBD of sorts then stations every 800m would be feasible.

    Also had a smaller subway in the Gold Coast drawn out that would run from Nerang Station and Nerang Town through Carrara, stopping at the stadium and terminating at the Surfer’s Paradise light rail.

  • Argh, I think I droned on too much, why can’t I edit? Boss, you oughta let people have an edit button. Also it looks like good design so I’ll give a 5

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