Unison Projects Plans Residential-led Tower in West End

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Architectural rendering of Unison Projects' 17 Mollison St proposal

Unison Projects has submitted a development application for a residential-led development located at 15-17 Mollison Street and 35-39 Bank Street, West End.

Known in the development application as Bank & Mollison, the proposal is for a 10-18 storey residential tower comprising of 101 apartments.

According to the architect Rothelowman, the proposed building design breaks the mass of the building with openings for natural ventilation and clear recesses that create the perception of three separate tower forms across the site, with stepping of the tower building height across those forms.

“The project is to create homes that are connected with nature, filled with light, and can be tuned to the seasons,” according to architect Rothelowman.

Architectural rendering of Unison Projects' 17 Mollison St proposal
Architectural rendering of Unison Projects’ 17 Mollison St proposal
Architectural rendering of Unison Projects’ 17 Mollison St proposal

“The design is to provide residents with a sense of tranquillity and relaxation while also promoting sustainable living practices.” – Rothelowman

The ground level would feature an active multi-function space to activate Mollison Street and Bank Street, including a landscaped public open space and activity-generating creative space available for a range of non-residential uses.

This landscaped space below the development plans to become an invitational, active, and publicly accessible place that links Bank St and Mollison St, visibly connected to the streetscape.

The parkland offers a rich array of purposely selected landscape responsive to solar orientation and microclimate, with places to sit, dwell, and explore in the shade.

It will also have child-friendly explorative nature play, a clear distinction between public and private space, and an opportunity for community artwork.

Architectural rendering of Unison Projects’ 17 Mollison St proposal showing ground floor landscaping

Project Rundown

  • Site Area: 2,074m2
  • Height: 18 storeys / 72.25m
  • Apartments: 101 apartments in total, comprising 24 x 2 bedroom apartments, 76 x 3 bedroom apartments, and 1 x 4 bedroom apartment

    Architectural rendering of Unison Projects’ 17 Mollison St proposal showing inside an apartment

  • Elevators: x2 lifts. Lift-to-unit ratio of 1:50.5
  • Retail: A 100m² multi-functional tenancy space intended for retail, commercial, or community use purposes, and a separate food and drink outlet comprising 11m²
  • Communal Space: The development provides a total of 902.2m2 (43.5% of the site area) as communal open space accommodated throughout Ground Level, Level 11, Level 12 and Level 15. Level 11 includes a Gym (Cardio & Weights), Treatment Room, Outdoor Gym, Wellness Lawn, Cold Plunge, Magnesium Spa. Level 12 includes a Pool, Pool Deck, Lounge, Dining. Level 15 includes a Wine/Private Dining, 2 x BBQ
  • Car Parking: A total of 193 car parking spaces, including 177 car parking spaces for residents accommodated within basement levels and 16 car parking spaces for visitors for residential units on the ground level
  • Bike Parking: A total of 127 bike parking spaces, including 101 residential bike spaces provided within basement levels and 26 visitor bike spaces provided on the ground level
  • Developer: Unison Projects
  • Architect: Rothelowman
  • Landscape Design: Urbis
  • Town Planner: Mewing Planning Consultants
  • Sustainability: Extensive sustainability initiatives including PV panels, recycling chute, irrigation harvesting and EV charging capability have been incorporated into the design at an early stage. The design of the tower floorplates responds to the Buildings that Breathe criteria through appropriate building orientation, shading devices, and living greenery. All units benefit from well-proportioned living areas and balconies that create an indoor/outdoor living space and maximize access to natural light and ventilation.
  • Date Submitted: 06/04/2023

The corner block at 11 Mollison St is not part of the development application however according to Rothelowman, consideration has been given to the future use of the corner house.

Architectural rendering of Unison Projects’ 17 Mollison St proposal showing 11 Mollison St corner house

The development site is currently occupied by various land uses and built forms. Currently, 15-17 Mollison Street is an outdoor car park area with no built form present. 35 Bank Street is a two-storey residential building designed for dual occupancy, and 39 Bank Street is a single-storey residential building intended for multiple dwelling use.




Tell us what you think about this development below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Developmenti online platform is A006248439.

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  • good to see more apartments out of the city but still close within scooter ride, and in great area like west end, sadly its another copy paste 1970’s style, ugly angular block of flats, with dappling of shrubbery, anyway good for the gardener maintenance guys with plenty of work coming with those hi rise gardens

  • Reasonable Aesthetics. Taller please.
    Taller and Higher Density would be better and help to cover the cost of additional architectural building amenities / structural and facade improvements.

    Only 10-18 stories when it is in such a prime location? The density seems too low, especially considering the latest Inner city growth strategy removes another key development location and earmarks it for new parkland. This increases the importance of this building having higher density. Given the proposals to increase building heights nearby, this should be Taller.

    As a nearby resident, please go taller. We want greater access to amenities and infrastructure that higher density here will drive. We also want more affordable housing and apartment supply.

    Please double or triple the size of this development. It should be 25 stories as a minimum. Preferably 30-40.

  • The proposed building on Bank St. is at double the height and only 5m from the neighbouring building Onyx. I have concerns that it would block the natural sunlight to the Onyx units.

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