Stockwell Proposes ‘Boggo Road Boulevard’ Development

Artist's impression of Boggo Road Boulevard
Artist's impression of Boggo Road Boulevard

Stockwell has submitted a development application for a new mixed-use commercial and retail centre next to the Boggo Road Gaol which would be known as ‘Boggo Road Boulevard’.

Designed by Buchan, the proposed development is located between the existing Boggo Road Gaol and the CSIRO Ecosciences building. This part of the subject land currently comprises:

  • 1976 and 1987/88 tower and detention units adjoining the eastern side of the Boggo Road Gaol
  • hard stand areas utilised for pedestrians, cyclists and car parking
  • pathways and seating areas
  • landscaped areas

The proposed development involves demolition of the 1976 and 1987/88 tower and detention units.

Artist's impression of Boggo Road Boulevard
Artist’s impression of Boggo Road Boulevard
Proposed Boggo Road Boulevard site location
Proposed Boggo Road Boulevard site location
Artist's impression of Boggo Road Boulevard
Artist’s impression of Boggo Road Boulevard

According to the development application, the buildings are not currently maintained and demonstrate considerable issues with water penetration, concrete spalling and corrosion of the steelwork.

“No other part of the Boggo Road Gaol is proposed to be demolished or impacted by the proposed development.” – Development application

The development comprises of buildings proposed north to south on the subject site, which is located to the east of the Boggo Road Gaol.

The proposed building is a maximum of two storeys in height and is to comprise of retail at the ground level and commercial space at the first level.

According to the proposal, the proposed building is setback from the Boggo Road street frontage to provide for a plaza space and additional car parking spaces, whilst also allowing for access and views to the Boggo Road Gaol.

Artist's impression of Boggo Road Boulevard
Artist’s impression of Boggo Road Boulevard

The ground level of the proposed building is partially recessed beneath the first level balcony, creating a shaded and pedestrian-friendly footpath along the frontage of the ground level. Awnings and fixed louvres are provided at the first level to ensure the commercial spaces and outdoor balcony areas are also appropriately protected.

Development Rundown

  • Proposed development site area: 6,741sqm
  • Total site cover: 2,712sqm (40.2%)
  • Total gross floor area: 3,962sqm
  • Maximum building height: 2 Storeys
  • 12 bicycle spaces
  • Car parking 163 (155 cars + 3 PWD + 4 Van + 1 SRV) + Loading zone (MRV) Vehicular access
  • Two access locations to Boggo Road (Basement access and ground-level parking access)
  • One access location to Peter Doherty Street

The development site is located just 150m away from the proposed Boggo Road Cross River Rail station.

The development application number for this project is A005260979.


  1. Yes – if the Boggo Road Station is going to be the 2nd busiest pedestrian-based transport hub in Brisbane plus the Busway – why even have car parks and why only 12 bike parks? The state-owned Ecosciences Precinct (NOT CSIRO Ecosciences – CSIRO is one tenant) is a public transport-only building – no staff car parking. Is there anything design wise that reflects the heritage of the site. The Ecosciences Precinct does just that. How would you stop the place be used as a Park-n-Ride park?

  2. What a terrible outcome. The proposal rips up a good pedestrian path and replaces it with car parks. Pedestrian access across the site is relegated to a small pathway adjacent to the building, reminiscent of the poor outcomes found at Emporium.

    Really disappointed here.

  3. I am a former resident of the establishment being pulled down to accommodate even more shops (the Bjelke-Petersen Government put me in there during the 1970s democratic rights struggles).

    I know some of the outcomes of crowding and inhumane treatment formerly practiced here.

    I wonder whether coffee shops, beauty parlours, IGAs and offices are much of an improvement on former use.


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