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Residential Development Proposed for 4-12 Lambert Rd, Indooroopilly

Architectural rendering of Centa Property Group's Indooroopilly development
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A development application has been submitted for a twelve storey residential-led development by Centa Property Group located at 4-12 Lambert Road and 7 Railway Avenue, Indooroopilly.

Designed by Rothelowman, the development comprises of x95 apartments, x4 ground floor retail tenancies as well as a publicly accessible ‘meeting corner’ space.

The proposed meeting corner will include a large subtropical tree which would provide shade and amenity to pedestrians.

Situated directly across from Indooroopilly station and Witton Barracks Park, the development’s vision is to provide different housing typologies that accommodate downsizing locals and families looking to live near parks, schools and amenity.

Architectural rendering of Centa Property Group’s Indooroopilly development
Architectural rendering of Centa Property Group’s Indooroopilly development showing the ground level streetscape
Architectural rendering of Centa Property Group’s Indooroopilly development

“The well-known housing affordability challenges associated with the recent intense uplift in the cost of single detached dwellings in the area have placed increased importance on these typologies to better serve the community seeking to live in the inner west.

In particular, residential projects of this nature have an ethical responsibility to positive contribute to society by enabling opportunities for locals aging in place and families seeking lifestyle, high quality education and proximity to public transport.

This project seeks to make a positive contribution to the public realm by providing a beneficial community offering of high quality retail and subtropical landscaping at street level with high visual amenity in the residential tower.” – Rothelowman

The project also aims to enhance the pedestrian connection to Indooroopilly Train Station from Lambert Road.

Architectural rendering of Centa Property Group’s Indooroopilly development
Architectural rendering of Centa Property Group’s Indooroopilly development
Architectural rendering of Centa Property Group’s Indooroopilly development

“The ground level has been designed to reinforce Lambert Road as a ‘high street’ and key pedestrian spine.” – Rothelowman

Rothelowman has designed a significant number of buildings that breathe subtropical design initiatives into the design scheme.

Some of these features include green ‘Juliette’ style balconies that wrap around apartments creating a garden connection to the outdoors as well as cross flow breezes.

Architectural rendering of the internal and external apartment buffer space of Centa Property Group’s Indooroopilly development

These green planted buffers aim to be appreciated internally by future residents of the building, by affording them a more green outlook.

Project rundown

  • Site Area: 2,593m2
  • Height: 12 levels + rooftop on level 13 / max height RL 66m
  • Apartments: x42 two bedroom apartments, x53 three bedroom apartments (x95 apartments total)
  • Lifts: x2 lifts. Lift-to-apartment ratio 1:47.5
  • Retail: x4 ground level retail tenancies with a total of 565m2 of GFA.
  • Communal Space: 796m2 of communal open space on the rooftop which includes BBQ, dining area, pool, lounge area and outdoor yoga/gym space
  • Car Parking: x195 car spaces including x170 resident spaces and 24 visitor bays
  • Bike Parking: x121 bicycle spaces including x97 resident spaces and 24 visitor spaces
  • Developer: Centa Property Group
  • Architect: Rothelowman
  • Landscape Design: Lat27
  • Town Planner: Mewing Planning Consultants
  • Sustainability: Planters and green buffers to shield apartments from the western sun, rainwater tanks for irrigation of landscape areas, electrical vehicle charging capacity and a rooftop PV solar array for communal electricity consumption.

The proposal also includes a lightweight awning over the ground level that plans to reinforce the green and subtropical nature of the proposed streetscape.


Appendix C - Proposed Plans Part 3


Rooftop landscaping plan by Lat27 of Centa Property Group’s Indooroopilly development

Tell us what you think about this masterplan below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Developmenti online platform is A005962922.

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  1. Not bad, and the right location for something like this.
    However, it could probably do with some more retail / office space, and more importantly, why would you need almost 2 car parks per apartment when you’re literally across the road from a quality train station with very frequent services?

  2. Poor poor poor. High embodied carbon material use, sub tropical design?? Hah. Local context influence?? Benefit to community?? Further vehicles parking on moggil road. Another coffee box monstrosity from the experts in maximising $$ for developers. Shame

  3. Incredible project, this is very relevant to the local community and it meets the local demand, particularly now given the high pressure on house prices and low levels of new apartment stock in the Indooroopilly market and surrounding suburbs.

  4. 95 dwellings??!! The local area is struggling to cope with significant traffic congestion and overcrowded schools. This is adding a significant number of new residents and cars to an area that is already overcrowded and the local infrastructure simply won’t be able to cope.
    Not to mention this huge building will completely overshadow existing residential buildings.
    Certainly, the site could do with an upgrade. But anything over 4 levels is completely excessive and will negatively impact on the two existing neighboring residential buildings.
    BCC should not be approving anymore high rise residential developments unless adequate infrastructure is upgraded.
    Both Indooroopilly primary and Indooroopilly state high schools are not coping with the increase in high rise residential units (ISHS has at least 450 students in each year level). And the local roads are gridlocked during school drop off and pick up, as well as normal peak hours.
    It is completely irresponsible to be adding a further 95 dwellings to the area.

  5. Mix use development near transport infrastructure. Proven model (as Milton and Albion demonstrate) that takes cars off roads and still allows easy access to the whole city without having to live right in the CBD. Retail on the ground floor should enhance the feel of the area with some quality tenants (that can be sustained due to the residential component). I’m a fan of these type of project over transport hubs and this one ticks a lot of the boxes in my view.

  6. Surely this cant proceed with the lack of current infrastructure to support what is already established. Lambert is already significantly congested and will only worsen if the State Government constructs another school as has been proposed.

    The building will also remove any views which current owners in the area have and the building should be limited in height with properties which are currently in the area.

    These types of high density developments should not be allowed to proceed and should have consideration for others living in the area. I also fail to see the development will not impact the current road chaos that we deal with during school drop-offs, pick ups and normal peak hour periods.


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