Queensland Government wants Cultural Centre Metro Station Redesign

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Artist's impression of the Queensland Government's plan the Cultural Centre Precinct

The Queensland Government has unveiled its vision of the Cultural Centre precinct following notification to the Brisbane City Council that the planned underground Cultural Centre Metro Station needs to be redesigned.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey made the announcement after Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner accused the state government of waiting till the 11th hour to detail required amendments to the Cultural Precinct design.

The Queensland Government would like to relocate the proposed underground station from beneath the Cultural Centre to instead underneath the BCEC (Convention Centre).

Mr Bailey said that the Brisbane City Council has one chance to get the Cultural Centre Precinct right, as it would last for decades to come.

Artist’s impression of the Queensland Government’s plan for Melbourne Street

Under the plans, Grey Street would continue to have traffic running through it, however, the intersection would see the complete removal of buses from the Victoria Bridge and Melbourne Street – instead directed underground in the new tunnel.

The majority of the intersection would then be transformed into a park and pedestrian space with active walkways and cycleways connecting South Brisbane to the CBD.

The Grey and Melbourne Street intersection has been described by the Government as dangerous and unsustainable into the long-term.

Artist’s impressions supplied by the Government show buildings lined along Melbourne Street along with where the former Brisbane Metro portal entry was proposed for.

Artist’s impression of the Queensland Government’s plan the Cultural Centre Precinct

The Government said they have not yet finalised the details of the proposal with two options still being considered, which appear to be focused on connecting the future station with the BCEC.

  1. A tunnel running under the intersection and part of QPAC with the station underneath the BCEC
  2. A tunnel which is directly in line with Melbourne Street, with an underground station in that street, connecting to the BCEC

The timeline of the Brisbane Metro project has subsequently been delayed however Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said council would overcome the obstacle by the state government, however, noted that it would most definitely increase project costs.

Detailed plan of the previous Brisbane City Council Cultural Centre plan
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  • This state government are a disaster. How long until we can rid ourselves of these mouth-breathing idiots? It would be best at this point for them to shut up and wait out their time.

  • So where does the rail bridge from south brisbane station over Melbourne street disappear to? Surely they arent suggesting to sink it underground because fankly that couldn’t make less sense.

  • I’m so glad the State government stepped into the mess that the disgusting Liberal city council have made with the Metro. It’s not even a light rail! It’s a 900 million dollar Banana-Bus scheme. But if it has to be built, then some benefit to South Bank has to be made, and the old scheme that the council proposed would have meant the area stayed just as congested and yet even more disconnected. The Labor state government is going to fix there mess because what the Liberals don’t realise, is that development affects people for decades if not longer.

  • I’m still sick of calling it a “metro”, it’s just a long bus for God’s sake.
    Face the truth BCC, you are only replacing buses with longer buses. What Sydney is having right now is something that can be truly called “Metro”.

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