New Urban Village Proposed for Carseldine

Artist's impression of Urban Village. Source: Supplied.

The Queensland Government has announced the first stage of a new $35 million urban village for Carseldine on Brisbane’s northern suburbs as part of the government’s Advancing our Cities and Regions strategy.

The future urban village would be built on the former Queensland University of Technology campus.

Urban Land Development Institute Queensland President Stephen Harrison said the project would deliver jobs and provide more infrastructure and diversity of housing.

Artist's impression of Urban Village
Artist’s impression of Urban Village. Source: Supplied.

“UDIA Queensland is supportive of initiatives that help build better communities through the delivery of jobs and growth for all Queenslanders,” Mr Harrison said.

“The project will provide employment and the opportunity for the provision of diverse
housing choice.”

Mr Harrison said the industry now has greater opportunities to meet the communities’ expectations in relation to the provision of diverse housing.

Once fully developed, the urban village will eventually accomodate around 900 residential dwellings and 3,500 new residents as well as new commercial and retail space.

The redevelopment is expected to be undertaken in four stages over four years.

The new urban village plan closely resembles the Fitzgibbon Urban Development Area Structure Plan which was proposed by the Labor government in 2011 under the control of the Urban Land Development Authority which was merged into Economic Development Queensland.

Artist's impression of Urban Village from above. Source: supplied.
Artist’s impression of Urban Village from above. Source: Supplied.

According to the 2011 plan, there were three distinct areas envisaged.

  • Carseldine Urban Village – Carseldine’s “Centro”, an active, transit orientated mixed use urban village incorporating substantial bushland and open space.
  • Fitzgibbon Residential – A Queensland style, some of Brisbane’s most affordable and sustainable suburban residential neighbourhoods including substantial bushland and open space.
  • Bushland, Sport and Recreation – the sport and recreational centre of Fitzgibbon including substantial bushland and open space.


  1. It would be great to have a bit more information about the plans, including how much commercial, retail and office space will be included, and how much of the natural environment they’re keeping. But generally looks like a good use of a vastly under-utilised area.

  2. Considering the advent of autonomous vehicles, I would have thought Mazdar or Mannheim models would have been better ideas.

  3. What’s going to happen to the Powerful Owl, swamp wallabies, squirrel gliders, koalas & the 100 species of birds when these 100 year old trees are cut down??!!

  4. Looks great. Taking Brisbane into the 21st century. I’m a huge supporter of this project. Hope to see many more urban villages like these in the near future.