A Look Into Sunnybank’s Market Square Redevelopment

Artist's impression of Market Square expansion

Sunnybank’s popular restaurant precinct known as Market Square is getting a $40 million redevelopment which will see an additional 7,911 sqm of retail space and 304 car parking spaces.

The development application which has now been approved by the Brisbane City Council proposes a new four level structure with retail tenancies facing onto the corner of Mains Road and Mccullough Street as well as a second story expansion for building C indicated in the illustration below.

In recent years the Sunnybank shopping strip has become synonymous with late night trading and as a response has worked with council to ensure potential noise generating issues are rectified.

Artist's impression of Market Square expansion
Artist’s impression of Market Square expansion
  • Demolition of the existing Westpac building is expected to commence sometime in 2017.
  • The project will be undertaken in three stages
  • Likely 24-hour operation of new retail tenants
  • Developed by Gum Hoy and Lai Ming Yuen Family Trust
  • Designed by Interworks Architects

The DA number for this development is A004211817.


  1. Seems to me rather ugly, and still over-reliant on cars in an area with so many quality bus services. Could be so much better.

  2. cant help to think it looks more like a glorified multistorey car park with strangely irregular high level retail spaces at the corner to conceal it. really looking forward to how this car park will look at night with all that fluro lighting and hoons doing their burn outs on the roof

  3. Should be able to build more than 10 storeys, may be Brisbane city Council behind the outdated and conservative principles, waste resources and hinder the development of the city.

  4. I’ve been going to Market Square for almost twenty years, I predict a complete flop for the new retail space. The reason Sunnybank Market Square is so popular is because the growth has been organic and natural. This new development is contrived and lacks authenticity. The new retail space will be no different to the Westfields food court, so why not just go to Westfields. People want authenticity, this new development is plastic and “fake” I think many will pop in for a look but won’t really spend money there.


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