Council Asking for Brisbane Metro Plan Feedback

Artist's impression of Brisbane Metro on Victoria Bridge. Source: Supplied

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is seeking the views of public transport commuters and residents as part of a city-wide community engagement program to help develop the business case for the Brisbane Metro Subway System.

Cr Quirk said Council would next month be out talking to residents and commuters about their travel behaviours to assist preparation of the business case for the project, which will help to inform design and operation of the project.

“The people of Brisbane earlier this year indicated their strong support for the Brisbane Metro Subway System and we are getting on with the business case so we can keep building the necessary infrastructure to keep Brisbane moving,” he said.

Artist's impression of Brisbane Metro at Herston Station. Source: Supplied
Artist’s impression of Brisbane Metro at Herston Station. Source: Supplied

“I am committed to delivering this vital transport project and want to hear the views about the project, its design and operation, to help address the existing bus capacity issue and to decrease journey times for bus commuters.

“Two thirds of public transport passengers in Brisbane are bus users and the Metro will play a critical role in ensuring both rail and bus networks can meet future public transport needs.

“The projected Brisbane jobs growth will see demand on bus trips to the CBD double over the next 15 years and the Metro will provide a transport solution to keep our city heading in the right direction.

“I encourage the community to attend information sessions and pop up venue information opportunities throughout October to have their say on this vital project.”

Cr Quirk said the release of a video about the rapid transport system would show residents how the introduction of Brisbane Metro would change their commute from the suburbs to the inner city along a seven kilometre route from Herston to Woolloongabba, utilising sections of the South East and Inner Northern Busways.

“The Brisbane Metro Subway System will provide benefits to commuters in the middle and outer suburbs that are increasingly spending long periods of time in bus gridlock,” he said.

“This is a transport solution built for future growth and will provide a high-frequency transport option capable of carrying up to 30,000 passengers per hour, meeting the forecasts of 108,000 new jobs in the CBD.”

Cr Quirk recently inspected the Kobe Municipal Subway in Japan and the Daejon Metro in South Korea during his Business Mission.

“Metro systems globally carry more people to their destination faster than buses and the Brisbane Metro will provide a solution to keep our city heading in the right direction,” he said.

Council will be holding community information sessions and pop up venue information opportunities across the city to give residents an opportunity to have their say on this important project.

Community information sessions for the Brisbane Metro Subway System include:

  • 11am-2pm Saturday 15 October at Queen Street Mall Stage
  • 5pm-7pm Tuesday 18 October at Brisbane German Club
  • 11:30am–2pm Friday 21 October at Brisbane Square Library
  • 11am-1pm Tuesday 25 October at The Glasshouse, QUT Kelvin Grove
  • 11am-2pm Thursday 27 October at King George Square
  • 10am-1pm Saturday 29 October at Victoria Park Golf Course.

Pop up venue information opportunities include:

  • 10am-12pm Tuesday 12 October at Chermside Library
  • 1pm-3pm Wednesday 13 October at Carindale Library
  • 11:30am-1:30pm Wednesday 19 October at Garden City Library.


  1. BCC go for it! Not only does Brisbane need this infrastructure but so does the local economy. The bus way and the cross river rail are both needed for Brisbane’s future. Those that complain about the cost don’t understand about investment in the community and the economy, or are just being negative for political gain.

    • To contrast Murray I think they’re doing OK with this one.

      A map and some visuals accompanied by a bit of your own research into the topic would surely be sufficient to then turn up to those information sessions to discuss – after which I would expect more information is consolidated and publicised.

      But taking it slow rather than dumping half-baked information is wise. Probing feasibility rather than going all out – it’s a huge cost and one that cannot afford to be a failure. Take it slow, build it up, execute it well.

  2. While I support this move, it’s rather sad that really we’re going back to something we already had decades ago…trams. Politicians are so short-sighted.

  3. Brisbane desperately needs another cross-river public transport option. The congestion and blockage at the Cultural Bus Station will continue with this proposed new service. Many other bus services cross the bridge at this top, that do not use the busway. The purchase of a bus is far cheaper then buying metro type conveyances and busses have the flexibility of been used on the network elsewhere if required.

    Brisbane needs a new cross river public transport option.

  4. The cleveland train line needs improving. Takes about 1 hour from cleveland station to central station. Driving in a car takes about 35-40 min.

  5. I think its an ok idea but still not looking far enough ahead, we need a start of a subway system to rival Japans network. we need to make a true metro rail system to get the buses out of the city altogether. let’s start now on the 50 year forecast like the major cities of the world.

  6. It is disappointing Council is proposing to eliminate cars/taxies/delivery trucks from the bridge to Southbank by proposing a unique rubber wheeled vehicle instead of a proper steel wheeled tram that could share the bridge with other vehicles.
    Go back to the original designs of a dedicated bridge that runs direct into Adelaide St!

  7. Yes, we need Metro, but we need roads like Tokyo L on the top ,second level ..
    Problem solved….like Toowong to Milton…road on the top…second level road…

  8. A metro is a fine idea. But this proposal – the route that is put forward, is simply pointless… It is already serviced by a busway that only lacks a complete right-of-way corridor to function the way it should. An error that was made by the Newman government. It would be sensible to improve the busway corridor system as opposed to seeing it wasted away through the replacement of system where the only difference is measured in rails and aesthetic appeal.

    What we need to propose, in addition to cross-rail, is a circuit line that connects and works in coordination with existing QR infrastructure. A rail circuit in Brisbane might see the Doomben line, for example, running as a loop. Which would operate partially underground, connecting key areas like Hamilton Wharf, Oxford Street, James Street, Kangaroo Point, Albert Street, South Bank, West End, St Lucia & thereafter resurfacing to connect with existing infrastructure at Yeronga Station, whereby the circuit could naturally run from Yeronga station right through to Roma Street Station via Rocklea Market & Toowong.


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