New Masterplan Proposed for Kings Row Coronation Drive

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Architectural rendering of the proposed Kings Row redevelopment Masterplan

A development application has been submitted by Shayher Group for a large master-planned redevelopment of the prominent Kings Row office park at Coronation Drive, Milton.

Under plans submitted to council, the massive 14,780m2 site would become an urban village and lifestyle precinct that would feature a 750m2 central lawn and surrounding retail plaza.

According to planners Urbis, the Village Green would provide over 1800m2 of functional green space for the community that will be activated by fine-grained tenancies that bring vibrancy and energy to the public realm.

The proposed development also plans to restore the original setting of Milton House, allowing the dwelling to regain its visual connection to the Brisbane River and CBD.

Architectural rendering of the proposed Kings Row redevelopment Masterplan showing the heritage plaza
Architectural rendering of the proposed Kings Row redevelopment Masterplan showing the heritage plaza
Architectural rendering of the proposed Kings Row redevelopment Masterplan showing the central green
Conceptual massing rendering of the proposed Kings Row redevelopment Masterplan

Four residential-led towers of varying heights would be build around the public green space and retail plaza.

“Greater Brisbane is expecting population growth between 2016 and 2041 of 1.31 million people. Future development in Brisbane needs to consider increased building heights in appropriate areas.


By allowing taller buildings, the city can accommodate a greater number of residents and businesses within a smaller footprint. This approach supports higher density development, which can contribute to more efficient land use and reduced urban sprawl.


The greater Brisbane area will need to accommodate 156,000 new dwellings to meet anticipated growth, 138,000 of which will be infill dwellings (approx. 90%).” – Urbis.

After initially proposing to go to 40 storeys high, the planning team is requesting that the masterplan allow for a maximum of 37 storeys, arguing the proposed development makes a significantly greater contribution of public benefits to justify the proposed height.

Architectural rendering of the proposed Kings Row redevelopment Masterplan showing the central green

The proposal will incorporate significant deep planting surrounding Milton House. The location of the deep planting would ensure retention of existing significant trees to contribute to the landscaped setting of the Heritage Square.

Project Rundown

  • Site Area: 14,780m2
  • GFA: TBA in future tower DAs
  • Height: Tower 1 – 35 storeys, Tower 2 – 37 storeys, Tower 3 – 37 storeys, Tower 4 – 30 storeys
  • Retail: Significant retail proposed for around the central green square
  • Public Realm: Village Green: 1,500m2, Heritage Square: 2,000m2, Other public realm (incl laneways, outdoor dining): 1,500m2
  • Developer: Shayher Group
  • Architect: No architect yet on the individual towers as this is a masterplan application
  • Landscape Design: Urbis
  • Town Planner: Urbis
  • Date Submitted: 13/06/2023

According to Urbis, the proposed development delivers an integrated public realm outcome which will catalyse upgrades to McDougall Street, provide connectivity to the dining and entertainment precinct along Park Road, celebrates Brisbane’s early heritage, makes a significant open space and landscape contribution, promotes a conversation about our city through the vernacular of the architecture, and exemplifies the sub-tropical design strategies essential for a design-led city.

This is a masterplan development application which sets out the vision for the Kings Row site. Details on the four proposed towers would follow in future development applications.

An existing development application exists for this site which was approved in 2012 and would have featured four buildings, two full residential towers, a mixed residential and office tower as well a full office tower.

Tell us what you think about this development below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Planning & Development Online is A006291436.

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  • I think it’s lively from the front without any consideration for the back. So those behind it may see it as an eyesore. I also dopn’t get a sense of place. It is treating one of Brisbane’s most significant places in such a generic manner. I get zero sense of the place in terms of Brisbane’s history. Except perhaps for the acres of the very patronising 50s sandstone paving. I’m not convinced at all that it is gentle enough for this place and for the thousands of residents woi live around it both in high rises and low rise dwellings. It’s a bit of a monster really, quite overwhelming and a bit greedy. But with the word King in the name, what else can you expect.

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