Kings Row Re-development – Milton

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Investa Property Group have submitted a development application for the redevelopment of Kings Row, situated at 50 McDougal Street, Milton. The brownfield site, which is commonly known for it’s circular campus style office buildings and the site of the historic Milton House will undergo a four staged urban renewal process which will see Short Term Accommodation, Residential, Office and Retail uses.

The Stages

STAGE ONE (Residential):

  • Residential structure one
  • Refurbishment of Milton House
  • Landscaping and entrance of Milton House
  • Condition of completion of Stage 1 requires stage two to be built to a minimum of Podium level including access ramps and loading
  • Instate easement access over ramp, loading dock and stage two basements for access to stage one

STAGE TWO (Residential):

  • Residential structure two
  • Enlargement of view corridor
  • Landscaping of plaza and view corridor
  • Completion of pedestrian link to coronation drive (over stage four)
  • Instate easement access to stage three
  • Instate view corridor easement


  • Residential/commercial structure three

STAGE FOUR (Commercial):

  • Commercial structure four
  • Intergration of final landcape componen

The mixed use proposal sets out improve visual access and permeability for Milton House while enhancing important Milton cross block links to McDougal Street. Designed by Nettleton Tribe, the development will involve the demolition of an 80’s built office building which currently restricts physical and visual access to Milton House, shown below.

The heights of the four towers average approximately 20 levels (75m-90m). The development is in accordance with the new Milton Neighbourhood Plan which aims to:

  • Promote the integration of land use and transport
  • Facilitate increased housing and business opportunities
  • Provide new public space
  • Increase densities and building heights
  • Ensure a mix of land uses
  • Retain the open café nature of Park Road
  • Promote subtropical and sustainability design
  • Deliver streetscape improvements

In a bid to stop Brisbane’s choking urban sprawl, plans like the Milton Station Neighbourhood Plan are key to slowing our ever growing car dependancy and loss of agricultural and natural bushland surrounding Brisbane by directing growth where existing mass transit infrastructure exists.

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