New 5 Star Casino Hotel for Brisbane

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As part of Tabcorp’s $625 million capital injection into Queensland’s three major casinos, a new 5 star hotel will be built in Brisbane.

Brisbane will soon see the first new five star hotel built in over a decade with plans by Tabcorp to construct a new 400 room five star hotel.

The hotel is to be located on the old Queensland library site opposite Queens Park in the CBD. The exact footprint of the proposed hotel tower is not yet known however it will consist of a spa, nightclubs, ballroom, four restaurants and VIP gaming facilities. The hotel will be linked to the Treasury Casino via a walkway.

A Tabcorp spokesman told the Courier Mail that the new upgraded Treasury Casino, Treasury hotel and new five star hotel would be of an international standard, comparable with casino complexes in Macau and Singapore.

It is not known when Tabcorp will submit a development application.

Images by Atomic 3D.

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  • Looks and sounds great. It’s about time there is some serious nice development going into Brisbane. In order to be a ‘world city’ which we so want to be, we have to be able to show the world that we mean business. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Brisbane version of Times Square with massive LED screens everywhere the eye can see? Let’s think BIG

  • Brisbane is in desperate need of new hotels. Especially 5 Star establishments as well as cutting edge Boutique Hotels. Westin and Park Hyatt, are you listening?

  • I couldn’t agree more. I would love to see Brisbane develop into a world city with a Times Square of our own. I love the look of this new building and I really hope it goes ahead. No doubt though there will be some heritage group or anti-gambling lobby that will be deeply offended.

  • @ Darryn. Completely agree there is a massive demand for 5 star hotels however Westin and Park Hyatt are only operators and not the owners of the buildings or developers. They do want to get into the Brisbane market however with the high costs of construction for hotels, developers see more feasible projects in 1 and 2 bedroom apartment buildings. Unfortunately, that’s the way of the world at the moment. 2-3 years time we’ll start to see new supply with Mosaic, 111+222, the South Point development, RNA development and potentially the new Novotel on Elizabeth Street. The issue now is that there are no vacant freehold possession buildings on the market for the hotel operators to housed (other than Lennons which is needs a lot of work and have unrealistic vendors).

  • The four previous comments border on the cretinous; do any of these people realise this banal curtain-wall tribute to mediocrity is not only totally incongruous with the century old character of buildings surrounding the site, but is only meters from Queensland’s oldest inhabited building, older by decades than any building in Victoria? Nice curtain-wall LED screens, eh Matt? For a decent undisclosed cash payment you could probably get a six-star green rating on that too. Let Brisbane be Brisbane. Go home troglodytes.

  • Nick13, your comments are disgraceful, you bring nothing to the table, you are a smartarse and you obviously ignorant of all/most architectural disciplines. You would fit in better on the Gold Coast.

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