AM30 Office Tower

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Devine Ltd has teamed up with Marquette Properties to develop a 20 storey office tower on the corner of Albert and Margaret Streets. Designed by Donovan Hill and BVN Architecture, the tower will accommodate around 18,000m2 of office space, a ground level supermarket, ground level cafe and bicycle facilities.

Now approved by the Brisbane City Council, there is a proposed ‘bike floor’ which will be able to store up to 400 bike racks, 600 lockers and around 40 showers while also including a bike ramp up to the second level.

The proposal sill requires pre-commitments however the developers will be targeting the expanding energy and mining sectors which have a fairly large presence in this quarter of the CBD. Devine’s decision to team up with Marquette Properties is in line with Devine’s strategy to focus more on the residential market.

Marquette Properties is the developer of AM60, a newly completed $180 million dollar commercial building located across the road from AM30. AM30 is also situated directly across from the planned Albert Street Cross River Rail station.

Construction is mooted to commence next year. The DA number for this application is: A003220666

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  • Sorry, dont like this low story building, complete waste of time building this, too small to keep up with new height in the city.
    I should be 40 stories.

  • This is a brilliant design, like all of Donovan/Hill’s buildings. Good height too, after all, it is on the block adjacent to the Botanic Gardens. These blogs are full of people who get their rocks off seeing no less than 45 stories, whilst failing to recognise utility and true beauty in design.

  • ahhh, another box with no originality. Good to see the architects of brisbane are staying the safe path as always. Come on guys wheres the originality.

  • Are you by chance a cyclist blacknganga?

    Anyway, the height doesnt bother me as much as the lack of any imagination being used for the design. Looks very… cost efficient?

  • I agree with blacknganga, it is very nice for Brisbane, while other cities street ahead with design, let us not have Brisbane do anything that might attract attention. Another lovely box for Brisbane.

  • I like the proposed function, but am left disappointed by the form. It worries me that Brisbane’s built form style could be considered to be, ‘bland glassy box’, rather than some more befitting of BCC’s, ‘Next World City’! DH has designed some great Brisbane structures, State Library Redux is fantastic, love the verandah. However, there are a few DH disappointments, i.e. SL8 apartments, West End. But, although this isn’t a dud it does seem a shame to not step outside of the box and embrace both Brisbane’s climate and new found sense of adventure for architecture.

  • Not only do people on these forums loathe anything under 45 stories, their opinions are weighted against anything that resembles tradition. There was a time when skyscrapers were built to represent emperial power. Into the 60’s 70’s they got really ugly and brutalist. In the eighties curtain wall was de rigueur, 90’s ushered in a lot of post-modernism, and now we are seeing a lot of “organic” and “post-post-modern” forms. This building will be perfect height, perfect enough form, and sit excellently next to Donovan/Hill’s other genius work. Just because Brisbane doesn’t have any Bilbao Guggenheims, doesn’s mean there is any need to build “a half conch shell floating on a scrambled sea of repressed surrealist jizz-patina”.

  • Brisbane has so many mediocre buildings and non-architectural/anti-architectural buildings that it is a damn shame to hear some of the philistine views expressed on these pages. Wake Up!

  • Another super boring square box for Brisbane! For god sake BCC please do NOT approve this bland,cheap,safe ugly piece of rubbish from destroying more of our skyline.

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