Mirvac Propose Dual Towers to Complete Festival Place Precinct

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Artist's impression of proposed Shore development

Developer Mirvac has submitted a development application for two new residential towers located at 60 Skyring Terrace, Newstead.

Known as ‘Shore’, the proposed two stage development comprise of a 26 and 22 storey tower with a four story podium and ground level retail.

shore development newstead
Artist’s impression of proposed Shore development
Artist’s impression of proposed Shore development
Artist’s impression of Shore from Hamilton

Development Rundown

  • x129 one bedroom apartments
  • x179 two bedroom apartments
  • x25 three bedroom apartments.
  • Total of 333 units across both towers. Stage 1 (184 apartments), stage 2 (150 apartments)

The development includes a new pedestrian retail cross block link from Skyring Tce to Festival Place.

Proposed cross block link

Designed by Mirvac, the core conceptual ideas of the shore precinct architecture has derived from the characterised by its close historical relationship with the Shoreline of Brisbane River.

According to the development application, the design aims to be a visual extension of the ground level retail from neighbouring developments Gasworks, Skyring Apartments and Lucent.

The proposal has a strong presence and complements the existing Newstead developments while continuing to build the Shore Precinct identity. The proposal is an appropriate response providing a consistent typology and individually expressed design solutions to Newstead, the Brisbane City and surrounds.

– Development Application

Resident Amenities

Resident facilities are planned for on top of the level five podium which will include lawn and casual lounge/seating areas, communal dining area, gym and tree planting.

Rooftop pools as well as casual lounge areas, seating and tree planting are proposed for both tower’s rooftop decks.

Artist’s impression of rooftop pool

This site is the last remaining plot of land on Festival Place which houses the developments of Unison, Skyring, Lucent and now Shore.

Festival Place and Skyring Tce precinct

The application has received several online submissions opposing the development from residents of neighbouring buildings who are complaining about views, increased vehicle traffic, heights and setbacks.

The development application number of this project is A004657301.

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  • Very poor outcome for the area. Totally agree with the complaining residents as it goes against the master plan for the area and some serious negative effects about shading out the adjacent streets. Mirvac are obviously making a decision to try and eek out the apartment downturn & potentially prop up developments elsewhere. Also by designing in house they are saving a bucket load of money and it shows.

    Whichever planner got this through has obviously taken everything he has learnt about best practice and thrown it out the window

  • For Chrissakes Enough is Enough!!! Come on down one and all and look at the grotesque fence (we all have to look at Every Day) dumped in the park to protect a block of land sitting unused with the relentless development going on ALL OVER THE AREA as a charming backdrop. There will be banging, grinding, and thumping noise here for at least another 2 – 3 years. You’re wrecking the landscape Mirvac. All about making money of course but you don’t have to destroy cherished lifestyles to do it. Be a little philanthropic and let us at least have the park back. With the amount of residential buildings you have planned, we’re going to need the space.

  • Teneriffe and Newstead have been ruined. The BCC will approve anything. Well thought out “neighbourhood plans” are routinely ignored. Pointless documents. Too many tall buildings without adequate internal parking have destroyed the ambience of an old suburb. If I had known this state would eventuate I would not have bought here. Don’t make the same mistake.

  • I would never have bought in Unison had I realised that Mirvac was intent on not only subjecting all of us who had bought in Unison to several years of noise and pollution ( at a time of their choosing) but also to building a massive couple of high rises that will be right next to our building. In so doing Mirvac show total contempt for any town planning, any amenities will be flooded with traffic, and the wind tunnel effect especially at higher levels may well prove to be horrendous. How developers are able to get away with such wanton destruction hidden behind exceedingly expensive glossy publicity can only be known to city planners who seem incapable of understanding the feelings of every day constituents whose pockets can never be as deep as those of the developers themselves. The end point I fear is we are creating slum dwelling for the future, but I doubt if they care much about that ? Angela

  • With the go-ahead given for this project, it is now imperative that the vacant block fenced off on the northern side of Skyring Tce be retained for parkland.

    A small version of New Farm park could easily be developed with shade trees and a water feature to at least provide some semblance of green space in the precinct.

  • Horrible buildings blocking off the views of existing residential buildings. Creating a concrete jungle on the water’s edge. And it is going to be affordable rentals. The other locals must be up in arms! Why did this go ahead?

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