Chermside to get iFLY Indoor Skydiving Centre

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Artist's impression of iFly Chermside

A development application has been lodged for a new indoor skydiving centre as part of a new Westfield Chermside expansion.

iFly, an American-based company which operates indoor skydiving centre across the world plans to build the 549 square metre facility in an existing car park which adjoins the shopping centre cinemas fronting Gympie Road.

iFly Chermside Brisbane
Artist’s impression of iFly Chermside
Artist’s impression of iFly Chermside
Artist’s impression of iFly Chermside
Proposed iFly building elevation

Under plans submitted to council, the facility includes a centralised glass tunnel for skydiving and ancillary rooms for preparation, viewing, functions and education.

The proposed iFly centre would be the first of it’s kind in Brisbane after opening a similar centre on the Gold Coast.

iFly indoor skydiving centre. Source:

In December 2013, iFly submitted an application for a indoor skydiving centre on Sandgate Road, Virginia however the decision was made to change focus and build the facility at Chermside.

An iFly spokesperson told the Brisbane Times that the deal had been years in the making.

“We’ve had other sites we’ve basically let go of to make this site happen.”

The spokesman said that centre will boast the very latest indoor wind tunnel technology which creates a free fall sensation very similar to jumping from an actual plane.

“What we are about to bring to Brisbane is the best tunnel version in the world.

“It’s going to be absolutely phenomenal, extremely quiet, we’ve used them on cruise ships and next to hotels where you can barely hear the noise, you wouldn’t even know that it’s on.”

iFly indoor skydiving centre. Source:

The new iFly Chermside is scheduled to begin operating in late 2018.

The development application number for this project is A004699391.

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