A Look into SEQ’s New $1.8bn ‘City Deal’

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The Federal, State and City Councils of South East Queensland have signed off on a new $1.8 billion ‘city deal’ which is a mixture of funding for new infrastructure projects as well as new business cases.

The city deal is being jointly funded by all levels of government with $667 million coming from the Commonwealth, $618 million from the state and $501 million from the SEQ Council of Mayors, plus $75 million from industry.

Although some large ticket items are included such as a new interchange hub for the Brisbane Metro and Cross River Rail station at Woolloongabba and Council’s new Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, rail lobby group ‘Rail Back on Track’ has labelled the funding agreement ‘underwhelming’ and noted a lack of funding for SEQ rail projects which receive little to no funding within the ‘City Deal’.

Separately however, the Queensland Government has announced $1.1 billion in funding for more tracks and level crossings removed to support faster, frequent train services between Brisbane and the Gold Coast in the lead up to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games.

Below is a look at some of the key urban-based infrastructure investments of the new deal. You can read more about the SEQ City Deal here.

Brisbane Metro – Woolloongabba Station

$450 million for a new station along the Brisbane Metro line which would be integrated with the state government’s Cross River Rail Woolloongabba station.

Artist's impression of Woolloongabba Station
Artist’s impression of Woolloongabba Station

Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

The Brisbane City Council’s Kangaroo Point Green Bridge will receive $190.2 million in funding.

Rendering of elevated commercial space as part of Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

Brisbane Metro — South Bank Transport Study

Architectural rendering of a refurbished cultural centre station as part of the Brisbane Metro

The Australian Government, Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council will co-fund a $1 million investigation into enhanced modal integration and transport connectivity to and through South Bank.

Loganlea — Meadowbrook Infrastructure

Artist impression of future Meadowbrook

$45 million from the Australian Government, Queensland Government and Logan City Council to support the revitalisation of the Loganlea/Meadowbrook precinct through improved connectivity and mobility investments.

Any further funding contributions will be considered by the Queensland Government following completion of the agreed business case and detailed design work.

Infrastructure Dunwich Ferry Terminal Upgrade

Artist’s rendering of Macleay Island terminal

$41 million from the Australian Government, Queensland Government and Redland City Council to upgrade the Ferry Terminal at Junner Street, Dunwich, to include a new pontoon, shelters, retail and commercial premises, improved landscape and arrivals area. The upgraded infrastructure and services will improve connectivity and promote tourism to the island.

Ipswich to Springfield Public Road Safety Mapping Transport Corridor Options Analysis

Ipswich to Springfield Public Transport Corridor Study map

$10 million from the Australian Government, Queensland Government and Ipswich City Council will commit to deliver an options analysis for a public transport corridor between Ipswich Central and Springfield Central with nine new stations.

* Following the options analysis ($2.5m committed) Deal Partners will consider a jointly funded detailed business case ($7.5M subject to relevant approvals).

SEQ Liveability Fund

The fund aims to enhance the region’s natural environment to support its sustainability and liveability.

The Australian Government, Queensland Government and Council of Mayors (SEQ) will establish a $285.8 million SEQ Liveability Fund. Projects funded will deliver improved community facilities, urban amenity or enhanced liveability, and support environmental
infrastructure and open spaces.

First Nations Cultural Centre Detailed Business Case

Architectural rendering of Adelaide’s $200m Aboriginal Art and Cultures Centre (AACC), scheduled to open in 2025

The Australian Government, Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council will undertake a $3 million detailed Business Case for an iconic First Nations Cultural Centre in Brisbane to showcase the unique stories, traditions and cultures of Queensland’s First Nations peoples.

Toowoomba Railway Parklands

Artist’s rendering of the Toowoomba Railway Parklands

The Australian Government, Queensland Government and Toowoomba Regional Council will invest $25 million to explore options for the regeneration of the Toowoomba Railway Parklands Priority Development Area to increase housing availability.

Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct

Artist’s impression of Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct

The Queensland Government in partnership with the private sector ($95 million investment) will deliver a motorsport and entertainment precinct near Toowoomba.

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  • This is a tiny amount of money and seems to be missing a zero at the end. Supposed to be a SEQ City Deal for $1.8billion (in Australia’s fastest growing area) but then the QLD Gov is separately spending $1.1billion on railway upgrades?

    QLD always seems to get the short end of the deal or never has the big budgets… and it shows in the quality of the built work.

  • Can someone check the spelling of the the status of the project which is to be completed shortly.
    The word is imminent, not immanent. Check the Macquarie Dictionary for a more exact explanation of this work. It has an association to theology and reference to status of religious leaders.

  • I agree with M.

    A budget of 1.8 billion won’t go that far for all these projects.

    Needs at least 3 Billion.

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