EG Funds Propose 33-Storey Twin Tower Development for Fortitude Valley

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Architectural rendering of the proposed BTR & BTS towers at 801 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley

EG Funds Management has submitted a development application for two 33-storey mixed-use towers located at 801 Ann Street and 80 McLachlan Street.

According to the development application, the proposal is poised to deliver a residential-led development that caters to the evolving needs of Brisbane’s growing population.

Designed by Rothelowman, the project will consist of two towers: a Build-to-Rent (BTR) tower facing Ann Street and a Build-to-Sell (BTS) tower facing McLachlan Street.

Architectural rendering of the proposed BTR & BTS towers at 801 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley
Architectural rendering of the proposed BTR & BTS towers at 801 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley

Capitalising on its strategic location near the city centre and Fortitude Valley station, the development integrates showroom, retail, recreational amenities, and a community-use space within the ground and podium levels.

According to the development application, 801 Ann focuses on creating a vertical neighbourhood centred on community and well-being. The centrepiece of the development, a voluminous city room on Morgan Street crafts a publicly accessible space with vibrant facades, sub-tropical gardens, and a ‘heroic’ quandong tree.

This entry threshold acts as a gathering place where residents, visitors, workers, and the broader community can come together to engage in the intensity of urban life all in the context of a subtropical garden space. Anchoring this place is the presence of the Little B.I.G Foundation which focuses on combating loneliness and strengthening social bonds through community event curation and services.

Architectural rendering of the public space on ground level next to B.I.G Foundation

Planners Urbis explain in the DA that since the initial development approvals in 2015 and 2017, the landscape has witnessed transformative events, including the COVID-19 pandemic, population growth, and Brisbane securing the 2032 Olympics.

These events have influenced a shift in policy direction, favouring increased height and density in suitable locations. The EG Funds Management proposal aligns seamlessly with this evolving policy, responding to the critical economic and community need for housing supply.


The project would take up the whole city block bordering Ann, Moregan, Mclachlan and Connor Streets in the Valley and consist of a total of 551 BTR and BTS apartments.

Both towers feature rooftop recreation decks which include a pool, spa area, sun deck, dining room and kitchen, and BBQ areas.

On level 5, the podium will house gyms for each building, a wellness spa area, library and lounges as well as work from home spaces. A central lawn and generously landscaped area is also proposed between the towers.

Project rundown

  • Site Area: 3,582m2
  • GFA: Total non-residential GFA: 1,384.5m2, comprising: Centre Activities (Food and Drink Outlet / Shop, Office): 577.9m2, Showroom: 453.8m2, Community Use: 352.8m2
  • Height: 33 storeys / RL 118.7m
  • Apartments: Total = 551.
    • Build to Rent = 326. Studio = 168, 1 Bed = 52, 2 Bed = 86, 3 Bed = 20
    • Build to Sell = 225. 1 Bed = 46, 2 Bed = 161
  • Elevators:
    • Build to Rent = x4 elevators proposed for the Build to Rent tower (lift-to-unit ratio of 1:81.5)
    • Build to Sell = x3 elevators proposed for the Build to Sell tower (lift-to-unit ratio of 1:75)
  • Retail: x4 ground floor retail tenancies that are positioned on all sides of the development, including space for the little B.I.G foundation.
  • Communal Space: Total = 4553m²
    • Build to Rent (2,296.6m²), comprising: Enclosed – 1,127.3m², Outdoor – 1,169.3m²
    • Build to Sell (2,256.3m²), comprising: Enclosed – 941.7m², Outdoor – 1,314.6m²
  • Car Parking: Total = 521
    • Build to Rent = 245. Resident = 196, Visitor = 49
    • Build to Sell = 276. Resident = 242, Visitor = 34
  • Bike Parking: Total = 689
    • Build to Rent = 408
    • Build to Sell = 281
  • Developer: EG Funds
  • Architect: Rothelowman
  • Landscape Design: ASPECT Studios
  • Town Planner: Urbis
  • Sustainability: Significant sustainability initiatives including rooftop solar PV Panels, dedicated recycling chute incorporated into the design to encourage residents to recycle, active transport via bike parking and workshop facilities, EV charging and rainwater harvesting. The building is targeting a 5 Star Green Star certification.
  • Date Submitted: 21/11/2023

According to planners Urbis, the proposal answers a pressing need for housing supply, choice, and convenience for Brisbane’s rapidly growing population.

Featuring a mix of studio, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments for both Build-to-Sell and Build-to-Rent, the development mirrors recent council policies encouraging higher density in inner-city areas over potential urban sprawl.


The proposal offers public benefits that go beyond the City Plan requirements, including purpose-built community-use spaces, a publicly accessible urban common, and a subtropical colonnade linking heritage buildings.

ASPECT Studios, who undertook the landscape design for the project has designed what would be known as ‘Quandong Common’, a public space surrounded by greenery and located next to the Little B.I.G Foundation.

The project features extensive green infrastructure throughout, including deep planting as well as sky gardens and podium and rooftop terraces. The total landscaped area comes to 2,162m2 or 65% of the project’s total site area.

Architectural rendering of proposed subtropical landscaping

To curate a series of vertical ecosystems that enhance life for all living things in the urban
environment. Cliff faces formed by the building make way to a Gorge defined by a lush ravine
environment defined by shade and moisture.

A place of reprieve from the bustling inner city setting, the ravine ascends to cliffside outcrops and stands of vegetation clinging to the faces. Reaching up the peaks drenched in sun stand as islands of green in the sky.

ASPECT Studios

Anticipating an on-site resident population exceeding 1,000 people, the proposed development is set to strengthen the day- and night-time economies of Fortitude Valley. The planning team say that it will support local businesses, the vibrant entertainment precinct, and contribute to the overall cultural and economic vibrancy of the area.

Public benefit

  • A genuine contribution to helping solve the current housing crisis that affects Brisbane and Australia as a whole.
  • The development will deliver 551 new homes 1.2km from Brisbane CBD catering for a variety of residents and household sizes.
  • A diverse range of housing typologies is planned including 168 Studios (30%), 98 1-Beds (18%), 247 2-Beds (45%) and 38 3-Beds (7%)
  • Upgraded streetscapes to all 4 street frontages transforming the entire island block with new footpaths, street trees and awnings.
  • A subtropical colonnade along Morgan St that links together two Heritage buildings; The Osbourne Hotel and St Patricks Cathedral
  • Over 400m² of privately owned public space in the form of a covered colonnade, activated plaza and sub-tropical gardens
  • More than 1000m² of retail space that which activates all four street frontages and provides a day/night time economy to the area.
  • 300m² approx. of purpose built community use space operated by the Little Big Foundation charity.
  • Community access to the podium top garden through invitation from the Little Big Foundation charity.
  • A Network of landscaped communal recreation spaces promoting an enhanced quality of life and connection to nature.
  • A vibrant, unique and sub-tropical architectural additional to the streetscape and skyline of Brisbane.

In 2017, Walker proposed a large 22-storey commercial development application for the site which would have consisted of 46,659m2 GFA commercial space.

Proposed plans



Landscape plans

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