Echo’s Plan for the Treasury Building

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Echo has revealed it’s plan for the Treasury Casino building if it wins a race against Crown to build a new integrated casino resort in Brisbane’s CBD.

Although the actual casino and entertainment complex is yet to be revealed, Echo plans to transform the Treasury building into a luxury 180 room, 6 star hotel with a 600 seat ballroom, new restaurants, bars and cafes and also an upgrade to the existing Treasury Hotel to 6 star. If chosen to build the new Casino, the hotel and casino would be re-branded under a new name.


Echo CEO John Redmond said the development would be the best hotel in Australia, especially for one housed in heritage-listed buildings.

This is just one stage of Echo’s $1.4 billion+ proposal which will span William and George Streets in the CBD.

This week the Newman Government is releasing register of interest details for prospective bidders to bid for the job of completely redeveloping an entire section of the Brisbane CBD which will include blocks between George William and Mary Streets.

No details as yet has been released by Crown however it is understood the company, among other international players are planning a $1.5 billion proposal.

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  • Could not agree more, the few pictures on offer make it appear to be the last word in gaudy, tasteless fuax opulence. This building deserves to be treated like Sydney’s QVB, not something like this that will make it inaccessible to all but those willing to pay an obscene amount to wallow in tackiness.

  • Echo have squandered their opportunity to vie for a Casino license here in Brisbane, James Packer is right in his comments the Brisbane deserve better, If you look at what Echo have delivered under their care and control, A very tired looking RSL with no soul or feeling of Grandeur that the wonderful Treasury building deserves…. This is a tactical response from Echo in order to shore up their chances, but in my mind the race is already run, Echo has the sound of a Casino no one can be bothered with because of the Ambience and poor management and as for the Entertainment…..What Entertainment. Brisbane Deserves Better.

  • The best way to preserve this beautiful building is to convert it into a world-class museum. It could hold exhibitions on the Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, Indus Valley civilization, Ancient Maya, Australian Aboriginals, renaissance/classical/contemporary art.
    It could be Australia’s version of the Louvre!

  • I like the museum idea. However I really wonder if Campbell Newman will knock-back either Echo or Packer. Can the LNP really afford to refuse $1.5b investment into Brisbane?
    I suppose the real question to Echo is if their proposal is entirely dependent on them having an exclusive licence in Brisbane?

  • couldnt agree more to mr entertainment and sancho!

    Turn it into a shopping complex like GPO in melbourne!

    What is with bogans in brisbane running this city! we need more shopping malls and more culture! we dont need a 6 star resort!

  • to jay…oh yes you do- 6 star hotels is exactly what brisbane needs.

    Accomodation is one of the fundamentals in life and brisbane needs that. Every other major city in the world has its fair share of top shelf accomodation. Brisbane has a fair amount of shopping already and a lot has been planned [valley redevelopments, queen st mall redevelopments etc all cater to retail].

  • We definitely need a resort and more quality hotels. Australia in general has some pretty lacklustre hotels. You have to remember the new casino proposal has a caveat for developing a significant portion of the queens wharf precinct which desperately needs attention. Not sure how you will deal with the riverside expressway, that’s another kettle of fish.

    As for the Treasury why are we opting for one or the other. It can be both a boutique hotel and have a few nice cafes and high end retail propping up the base

  • looks rather asian inspired and not modern enough for the current peroid. it should be old world class not pastel gaudy

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