12 Creek Street – Mixed Use Tower

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The owner of the ‘The Blue Tower’, Dexus Properties has submitted a proposal to build a 12 storey mixed use development on the corner of Elizabeth and Creek Streets.

The proposed development contains eight levels of office floor space.

At the rooftop levels, the building contains tenancies over two levels, suitable for office, restaurant and/or hotel uses, together with plant areas.

The current site houses a small two level annex building which was built at the same time as the neighbouring ‘Blue Tower’.

The DA number of this development is (A003776704).


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  • 12-storey tower on a CBD property… it has to be a joke. A tower like this would be perfect for transport node areas such as Toowong, Indooroopilly, South Brisbane or Chermside.

    But the architecture is brilliantly nice otherwise.

  • Wheelbarrow…”nice”?..how about just plain brilliant? It’s not a joke, it’s one of the best looking proposals out…wonder if DonovenHill are behind this terrific design?

  • Great Urban Design in the use of the roof top, NYC influenced. Bringing something new and vibrant to the city, where it’s all the same office or mixed use. Roof top restaurant seems to be the focus, with some possible water glimpses and surrounding law/commercial businesses the target. Too tall and you would hit issues with wind in dining and disconnect with the street, being where the people are that you want to attract. Hanging garden for half the buildings height is new, but again the bait for the people to look up and want to be there. Also the built footprint at the ground floor is minimalist at best.

  • As others have said, 12 storeys is way too insufficient. Prime CBD space like that needs at least 35 storeys.

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