ASF Reveals Plans for New Gold Coast Integrated Resort

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Gold Coast Integrated Resort Concept. Source: ASF Consortium

ASF has unveiled its latest concept plan to deliver a new world-class coastal icon earmarked to become the largest tourism project on the Gold Coast in decades.

The multi-billion dollar Integrated Resort Development will include a new casino, three branded five and six star hotels, signature restaurants, theatres, shows and entertainment, luxury and boutique retail precincts, serviced residences and meeting and conference facilities.

ASF Director Louis Chien says the project will invest $3 billion into the Gold Coast, create an estimated 10,000 jobs and attract a projected 1.5 million additional tourists to the Gold Coast each year.

Concept of Gold Coast Integrated Resort. Source: ASF Consortia

Project breakdown

  • A newly accessible water’s edge, a new boating destination and an area for water events and performances
  • A new casino with a variety of gaming options
  • Luxury and boutique retail
  • Signature restaurants
  • Three branded five and six star luxury hotels
  • Entertainment precincts primed for theatre performances and live entertainment
  • Serviced apartments
  • Pools and fitness facilities
  • Meeting and convention facilities
  • ‘Australia’s most comprehensive health and Medi-Spa’
  • A 1200-seat Broadwater amphitheatre
  • Possible new bridge to Southport
  • A beach club
  • A marina
  • Protection of the spit

ASF Consortia has reportedly been in talks with James Packer’s Crown Resorts which is expected to be the operator of the casino component.

Gold Coast Integrated Resort Concept. Source: ASF Consortium

Integrated Resort Comparison

South East Queensland now has two international-scale integrated resort developments. In terms of how the new Gold Coast Integrated Resort shapes up against Brisbane’s Queens Wharf, see compiled list of key features below.

  • Expected final spend: $3 billion
  • Consortium team: Star Entertainment Group, Chow Tai Fook, Far East Consortium
  • Public realm improvements: 100m high public skydeck, foreshore redevelopment, plaza redevelopments, possible new theatre, restoration and repurposing of seven heritage buildings
  • Infrastructure: Pedestrian bridge to South Bank,
  • Casino operator: Star Entertainment
  • Number of new hotels: 5
  • Retail: Underground retail arcade, Treasury Building conversion to premium department store
  • Jobs: 2,000 construction jobs, 8,000 ongoing jobs
  • Additional tourists: 1.39 million per annum
  • Apartments: 2,000
  • Architect: Cottee Parker Architecture
  • Status: Demolition of site immanent
  • Expected final spend: $3 billion
  • Consortium team: ASF Group, Crown Resorts (unconfirmed),
  • Public realm improvements: Extensive foreshore redevelopment, possible bridge to Southport, 1200-seat Broadwater amphitheatre
  • Infrastructure: Vehicle traffic bridge to Southport, Cruise terminal plans have been axed
  • Casino operator: Crown Resorts
  • Number of new hotels: 3
  • Retail: Retail precincts planned
  • Jobs: 10,000
  • Additional tourists: 1.5 million per annum
  • Apartments: Unknown at this stage
  • Architect: Blight Rayner Architecture
  • Status: Concept stage


“This $3 billion project will deliver a world-class waterfront destination that provides an immediate and ongoing economic boost and significant jobs for the Gold Coast, with benefits flowing across Queensland,” said Mr Chien.

“Over 10,000 new jobs will be created during construction and operations, meaning thousands of jobs for the local community. With construction likely to occur after the Commonwealth Games, this will deliver ongoing buoyancy to the region, ensuring local jobs are retained.

“The project will also attract a projected 1.5 million additional tourists to the Gold Coast annually. This means growing the existing tourism market with an emphasis on new visitors to the region.

“More tourists translates to more business for existing tour operators, more visits to Gold Coast attractions and more flights needed to the Gold Coast,” he said.

At the same time as revealing its latest concept plan, ASF is calling for more certainty around the overall planning process for the area.

“ASF remains fully committed to achieving the best outcomes for the Gold Coast and Queensland. We’re keen for the State to provide overall planning clarity for the area and understand how the proposed Gold Coast Integrated Resort fits,” he said.

The Gold Coast Integrated Resort Development will be situated on a five-hectare waterfront site on the Southern Spit between Sea World and the Gold Coast Fisherman’s Co-operative.

“This site represents less than 3 per cent of The Spit and in its current form, is unused and inaccessible to the general public,” said Mr Chien.

“Our plans deliver a new waterfront precinct to be enjoyed by all by creating new and improved Broadwater leisure and entertainment spaces, a newly accessible water’s edge, a new boating destination and a vibrant space for outdoor performances and events,” he said.

With a cruise ship terminal no longer a requirement of the project, this will be achieved with no dredging in the Broadwater.

“The location of the project will be a catalyst to grow the Southport CBD. It will connect The Spit and Southport, whilst embracing the Broadwater and deliver significant business and employment opportunities,” said Mr Chien.

A traffic solution is provided for the project, with core infrastructure funded by ASF.

“We’ve come up with a traffic solution for the project, which is scalable and will deliver legacy infrastructure for the city. Traffic modelling has future proofed this solution,” said Mr Chien.

“We are committed to working as closely as possible with the Queensland Government, City of Gold Coast and the community to create this global waterfront destination,” said Mr Chien.


Concept Masterplan of Gold Coast Integrated Resort

Site Location

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  • What is it that ASF Director Louis Chien and other developers don’t understand about single digit GCCC City Plan ‘Height Limits’ on The Spit? ‘Height Limits’ shouldn’t be as rubbery as the donations to GC Councillors but respected and acknowledged legal limits in the public interest.

  • LOVE this concept – bring it on! Brilliant for jobs and tourism, and boating. But there will have to be some dredging done to create such a space for aquatic events. Yachts and sail boats, SUP boards, Iron Men, wakeboarders etc don’t race in straight lines – they need a circuit, triangular mostly, right where those infernal sand bars are at low tide.

    • But there will be the destruction of local marine life/ecosystems, more pollution to add to the current dosage that we already have, not as good water clarity and Australia’s best diving site will no longer be there.

      Although there will be an increase in jobs, economy and tourism, (I won’t dis that), there is still vital concerns to the local environment/ecosystem.

  • I sure hope this Development Gets The Green Light!. Height Limits should be Abolished!. The Entire Spit Should be Developed. Progress is a Good Thing!. Saving the Spit as it is would be handing it to All the Dodgy Perverts that Hang around the scrub and sand dunes out there. Its a disgrace.

    • But the ecosystems would be damaged, sea life that come there are rare such as White-Spotted Eagle Rays come to the Spit, this is one of their only left habitats along with the Green Turtle, it is not a good idea. Do we really need more casinos and high rises. We have plenty of these features yet there are only very few dog beaches left. Without the Sand Pumping Jetty, the Coral Sea will shift and erode. Brisbane development are only using up 3% of it and are protecting the site. The Spit also holds cultural significance for the Aborigines that lived there. You can’t just go and tear it all up! As for ‘disgrace’, The Spit is crucial to the Coral Sea, without it, there would be no Wave Break Island. Anyways, where will all this development get us, I’ll tell you where it will get us, it will get us pollution, disease and ruins, for we will eventually make too many high-rises for us to inhabit, I think it is a no go. BAM, proved wrong by a squeaker!

  • All conceptual design should be relevant to the landscape, but particularly this project.
    It should be a lot better at the ground level and infused with the landscape i.e. ocean on one side- harbour on the other. Mass should obviously be kept low with inventive skeletal forms derived from nature. It should be iconic, regional and forward looking. You can fix Versace while you are at it.

  • I am so glad that this proposal was denied and will not be taking place, due to all the severe economic, social and environmental issues it will cause if the plan goes ahead.
    We have destroyed the environment enough already. We do not need all of this! What we already have is sufficient for recreational and business purposes. If this plan was to go ahead, and if it were completed, new areas would continuously be found for more building complexes such as these. It will just increase and increase until none of the natural flora or fauna exist anymore. And then?
    It’s time we stop. Stop while we can.
    See, the real beauty of the Gold Coast is not all of these integrated resorts and shopping centres or casinos. The real attraction is the natural characteristics of the Gold Coast – the scenic views including the ocean, sunrises and sunsets, the wildlife and the iconic, native plants, the sun and perfect weather (usually). Do you really want to take all of this away?

  • it is a very good plan because it will atract tourism meaning lots of money to australia there fore a succesful country just like america i literally don’t know why i did this

  • I actually had strong diarrhoea when walking threw the spit I really would like there to be more toilets there so this is a good plan.

    I also had to relieve myself in the bushes 🙁

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