Application Lodged for Next Stages of West Village

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Architectural rendering of tower 5a's entry space at West Village

A development application has been submitted by Sekisui House for the construction of two 20-storey residential towers known as ‘tower 4’ and ‘tower 5a’ of the West Village development in West End.

Tower 4, which would be built above Goodlife West Village (35 Mollison Street, West End), would accommodate x110 apartments and has a ‘bold & exotic’ design approach.

According to the architect, Rothelowman, tower 4’s subtropical nature is projected outwardly through the generous verandas to the north and south and are complemented by a folded language with integrated landscaping to terraces on upper levels.

Architectural rendering of tower 4 at West Village
Architectural rendering of tower 4 at West Village
Architectural rendering of tower 4 & 5a at West Village

Tower 5a, which accommodates x95 apartments has been designed to be ‘vertical and elegant’ and features a distinctive sculptured tectonic wall.

“Each dwelling is planned with its own identify and is conceived as part of the greater whole. A hierarchy of spaces or rooms are established from front to back of the floor plate and utilise the wall as an organising device.” – Rothelowman.

Architectural rendering of tower 5a at West Village
Architectural rendering of tower 5a at West Village

Both towers feature rooftop recreation decks which include pools, gardens and bbq spaces. Building 5a’s rooftop will also include a dog off-leash area.

According to the development application, the towers will be staged with Tower 5a to be built first, followed by Tower 4.

Tower 5a includes two levels of commercial space.

Diagram of the proposed tower 4 & 5a within the West Village masterplan
Diagram of the proposed tower 4 & 5a within the West Village masterplan

Project rundown

  • Site Area: 2.589ha
  • Height: Tower 4 – x20 storeys / RL 73.75m. Tower 5A – x20 storeys / RL 74.45m
  • Apartments: Tower 4 – x22 one bedrooms, x70 two bedrooms, x8 three bedrooms, x8 four bedrooms, x2 skyhomes (x110 apartments total). Tower 5A – x22 one bedrooms, x54 two bedrooms, x14 three bedrooms, x3 four bedrooms, x2 skyhomes (x95 apartments total).
  • Lifts: x2 in each tower
  • Retail: Ground level retail already built.
  • Communal Space: 2,215m2 communal open space
  • Car Parking: x272 spaces total
  • Bike Parking: x257 spaces total
  • Architect: Rothelowman
  • Landscape Design: RPS Group
  • Town Planner: Land Partners
  • Sustainability: Subtropical buildings that breathe design features. There is no provision for rooftop solar.

This application is the second last development proposed for the broader West Village masterplan, with the last remaining tower site located to the right of Tower 4.

Last week it was announced that Centuria Capital Group has purchased the 16,560sqm West Village retail component for $202 million in an off-market purchase.

The deal is a three-stage transaction with future retail stages to be acquired by Centuria as they are completed.


App D - Proposed Plans (1)


Tell us what you think about this development application below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Developmenti online platform is A005883951.

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  • Such an interesting design. Love the folded facade and the rippled concrete. A great addition to the already fantastic West Village.

  • Excellent design. Great use of greenery and loving the sculptural form of the towers… will be a great addition to the already wonderful West End!

  • basic and simple copy paste architecture, but at least includes variable shape and plants
    sustainability of plants in hi rise is yet to be proven, in my current building pant debris , bark chip ground cover, and insects travel on the wind from top gardens down and into each apartment balcony. city council needs to set better standards in this regard

  • It sux. Architects are not consulting with buyers, they just build for cramming people in and tick boxes. Fyi, people actually prefer there own enclosed garage. Storage that keeps your stuff private and can be converted into a work space if needed. Eg, work on your car, bike, do some woodwork, or electrical soldering. People also like a place to have a small garden. Storage in the house is super important.

  • Very little public space (retail does not count) I would suggest a floor be dedicated to be a kids play area at a minimum. Also, rooftops get very hot and sunny, leaving residents with no shaded recreational area.
    What affordable housing has been included???
    I like the contrasting designs but not nearly enough greenery.
    Given that these buildings will heat up the west end centre even further more needs to be done to mitigate that.

  • it’s a tough ground plane on mollison at the moment good to see an imrpovement. the complimentary towers look great and rooftop looks cool. heopfuly they can deliver

  • It’s a nice design, and the comments about needing more storage space inside the unit rings true.

    My concern is the number of elevators: just two for each tower. I’m sure this meets minimal standards, but Sensuki House tends to lean towards higher-end markets. I’m not sure such meagre access is in keeping with their intended demographic.

  • I live in the West Village development and absolutely love it. The design in terms of the orientation of each Building and apartment balconies/windows has been extremely well thought through maximising privacy for each apartment. The amenity of the retail precinct is exceptional. The landscaping is beyond amazing and creates the feeling of being in a tropical rainforest right in the middle of a major city. Most developments fail to deliver here. West Village is by far the best development I have seen in Australia and certainly the best I have lived in. My only suggestion would be a reduction in height of Buildings 5A and 4 from 20 to 15-17 levels so there is more integration with surrounding Building heights.

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