8 Storey Residential Development Proposed for Crosby Road, Albion

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Architectural rendering of Arden Group's 56-60 Crosby Road, Albion

A development application has been submitted by Arden Property Group for an eight storey residential development located at 56-60 Crosby Road, Albion.

Designed by Altis Architecture, the project would accommodate 76 apartments which are a mix of 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms.

The project features a distinct angular roof form and brick palette which pays homage to the site’s industrial past.

According to Altis, the proposed design has taken a sensitive approach in respecting the industrial heritage significance of the existing site.

“The proposal has been designed to embody subtropical design principles, including taking advantageous of Brisbane’s enviable climate, extensive provision of landscaping throughout the development, providing open spaces which encourages indoor-outdoor living, and striking an appropriate balance between solar access and protection.” – Altis Architecture.

Architectural rendering of Arden Group’s 56-60 Crosby Road, Albion
Architectural rendering of Arden Group’s 56-60 Crosby Road, Albion

Deep planting has been proposed throughout the project as well as multi-storey landscaping plantings.

A rooftop recreation level has been included in the design which would accommodate seating areas, barbecue and cooking facilities, a private dining room, as well as a pool and adjoining sun deck.

Project rundown

  • Site area: 2,676m2
  • Height: 8 storeys and 33m AHD
  • Apartments: 1 bedroom – x19 units, 2 bedrooms – x22 units, 3 bedrooms – x35 units (x76 apartments total)
  • Lifts: x2 lifts (lift-ratio 1:38)
  • Communal space: A rooftop recreation deck with pool, bbq area, sun deck and dining room
  • Car parking: x144 resident spaces and 20 dedicated visitor spaces (total 164 spaces)
  • Bike parking: x84 resident spaces and 20 visitor spaces (104 spaces total)
  • Developer: Arden Property Group
  • Architect: Altis Architecture
  • Landscape Architect: Dunn + Moran Landscape Architects
  • Town Planner: Urbis
  • Sustainability: Deep plantings throughout. There is no planned provision for a rooftop solar PV system.
Architectural rendering of Arden Group’s 56-60 Crosby Road, Albion
Architectural rendering of Arden Group’s 56-60 Crosby Road, Albion

All car parking spaces are provided below ground in two full basement levels and partial third basement level.




The site at 56-60 Crosby Road, Albion currently houses light industry buildings.

Arden Group are the developers behind the Trilogy three-tower proposal in Woolloongabba.

Tell us what you think about this masterplan below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Developmenti online platform is A005998885.

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  • Goddamnit why does the marketing department have to glaze every 3D render in a Michael-Bay-5am-Cinematic-Lighting-Lenz? Seriously, when everyone does it, it’s no longer unique and stand-out. This trend reminds me of the teal-and-orange DVD cover trend from the late 2000’s. Kill this trend with fire, and kill it now.

  • I would not use Arden/Derek Williams ever. Look up the works order issued by the building commissioner that he refuses to fix. Unit owners have lost tenants and lots of money. DO NOT TRUST them, DO NOT APPROVE THIS and DO NOT BUY these units

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