Striking sky-bridge recreation deck features in new ‘Trilogy’ proposal

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Artist's impression of proposed 'Trilogy' development at 352 Vulture Street, Kangaroo Point

A development application has been submitted by Arden Group for a three-tower mixed-use development complex known as ‘Trilogy’ located at 352 Vulture Street, Kangaroo Point.

The development application supersedes a previous application that was approved by the Brisbane City Council back in 2016 by Zenonos Group.

According to the development application, this new proposal is said to “deliver a higher level of design excellence compared with the existing approval” with the new design allowing for 6,088sqm (114.8% of the site area) to be dedicated as outdoor rooms and open green spaces.

Designed by Altis Architecture, the updated development scheme’s most notable architectural feature includes a level 18 ‘sky-bridge’ pool deck which is a recreation area that spans between two towers and is understood to be Brisbane’s largest sky-bridge.

One of the pools features a glass-bottom allowing pool users to view the proposed sky-park 13 levels below on level 5.

Artist’s impression of the glass-bottom pool on the rooftop sky-bridge deck
Artist’s impression of proposed ‘Trilogy’ development at 352 Vulture Street, Kangaroo Point
Artist’s impression of proposed ‘Trilogy’ development at 352 Vulture Street, Kangaroo Point
Artist’s impression of proposed ‘Trilogy’ development at 352 Vulture Street, Kangaroo Point

“The proposed development will deliver three of the most iconic buildings in Kangaroo Point. These buildings will act as a local landmark on the corner of Vulture and Main Street. This intersection is one of the busiest intersections in inner-Brisbane and therefore warrants suitably iconic buildings to reflect its highly visible location at this important juncture within the city.” – Urbis, Development application.

The development is situated directly across the road from the Queensland Government’s $5.4 billion Cross River Rail and Gabba Stadium Redevelopment.

Development rundown

  • Proposed Land Uses: Multiple Dwellings (525 apartments), retail, office, indoor sport and recreation, short term accommodation, hotel and bar
  • Proposed building heights: Tower A – 30 storeys (114m AHD), Tower B – 22 storeys (87m AHD), Tower C – 22 storeys (87m AHD).
  • Proposed apartment numbers: 1-bedroom apartments: 226, 2-bedroom apartments: 277, 3-bedroom apartments: 20, 4-bedroom apartments: 2.
  • Total gross floor area (GFA): 49,249sqm
  • Retail GFA and alfresco: 2,488sqm
  • Tower site cover: 45.2%
  • Communal open space: 3,026sqm
  • Car parking, Access and Manoeuvring: 625 car spaces
  • Bicycle parking: 670 bicycle parks
Artist’s impression of Trilogy


Artist’s impression of ground-floor retail
Artist’s impression of ground-floor retail
Proposed building materials for Trilogy, Kangaroo Point
Proposed building materials for Trilogy, Kangaroo Point

The development application includes a total of 2,488sqm of gross floor area and alfresco areas at ground level and within the building podium for active non-residential uses such as retail.

According to the development application, a range of commercial tenancy sizes and configurations are proposed to ensure that a variety of future tenants can be accommodated at the site.

“The specific tenants who will occupy each of these spaces are not yet known. Accordingly, the applicant seeks approval to uses each of these tenancies for a combination of centre activities, hotel and/or bar activities” – Development application


Artist’s impression of the proposed rooftop pool deck on ‘Trilogy’, 352 Vulture Street, Kangaroo Point

This sky bridge area will include substantial sub-tropical landscaping, two swimming pools and will be visible from the Brisbane CBD. This sky-bridge is illustrated

According to the application, this amount of landscaped outdoor open space provision is “unprecedented for comparable developments within Brisbane with some of the proposed outdoor open space being publicly accessible”. Under the new proposal, 1,746sqm (or 28% of the total site area) would be publicly accessible open spaces at ground level.

These spaces will include a publicly accessible pedestrian link at ground and lower-ground level connecting Vulture and Main Street.

“This is particularly beneficial given the planned increase in pedestrian activity in this locality associated with the new Woolloongabba train station and entertainment precinct on the opposite side of Vulture Street”. – Development application

  • Ground and lower ground level (landscaped pedestrian link) – Sub-tropical landscaped gardens will be provided at ground and lower ground level. These landscaped areas will frame publicly accessible pedestrian links between Vulture and Main Street. Outdoor dining and alfresco areas will also be provided on these levels.
  • Level 1 – Outdoor courtyard areas adjoining retail and commercial tenancies within the building podium.
  • Level 4 (Sky Park) – Sky park area on top of the building podium. This will provide a landscaped and shaded outdoor recreation space for residents with views to the CBD.
Proposed sky-park at Trilogy, Kangaroo Point
  • Level 9 (Sky Garden) – Sky Garden with deck, outdoor cinema and BBQ area. This landscaped open recreation space will be available for all guests of Tower A.
Building A’s level 9 sky-garden level
Artist’s impression of proposed sky-garden outdoor cinema
  • Level 18 (Sky Bridge) – The roof of the proposed sky bridge will be provided as a completely open communal recreation space for residents. This design feature is iconic and will be visible from the Brisbane CBD. This space will include two large pools and significant sub-tropical landscaping and will be the largest elevated sky bridge in Brisbane.
Level 18 sky-bridge recreation deck
  • Rooftop terrace recreation areas – 3x exclusive use rooftop areas on Towers B & C including sub-tropical landscaping and outdoor recreation spaces. A communal rooftop recreation area including a pool and significant landscaping is also proposed to be provided on the rooftop of Tower A.
Artist’s impression of proposed rooftop pool deck on ‘Trilogy’, 352 Vulture Street, Kangaroo Point
Artist’s impression of proposed rooftop pool deck on ‘Trilogy’, 352 Vulture Street, Kangaroo Point
Building A’s rooftop recreation deck and building B & C’s private rooftop spas
Lower roof terraces plan

The project team for this development is Arden Group, Altis Architecture, Urbis and Dunn Moran Landscape Architects.

The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Planning & Development Online is A005344952.

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  • With more people in the area, pedestrian traffic can only get worse. There should be an underground tunnel to the new cross river rail station for the safety of the tenants and easing of traffic.

  • Where’s the solar system? Come on you can do better than this. No imagination when it comes to clean energy. Have you also thought of a water recycling system for grey water usage ?

  • In the case of Phillip Usher Constructions application to put a 30 story building on their site on the crn of Vulture and Lahey Lane [next crn, same block] before the Land and Environment Court which was apposed by KPRA, the Catholic School, Russian Orthodox Church and 2 residents, they raised the problem of that many vehicles accessing Mark Lane- a 2 way 3m wide carriageway, and why BCC would never make it one-way. Only a resident is aware that they cannot see traffic on the lane as they exit their properties, there have been numerous accidents that we are aware of, because of that problem. Has the BCC or the developer here assessed the impact that this development will have on Mark Lane. More than 1,000 extra cars? River Tce Apartments found they had a real shortfall in parking provided as most unit owners have 2 cars. The scale of the development does not suit the site nor does its use, while it was a hotel most guests only had one car or no car per room, which didn’t impact Mark Lane so much.

  • Absolutely RIDICULOUS development on a MAJOR CBD exit roads (Vulture St and Main St). When will this city learn that these monstrous developments are NOT the answer to residential housing needs? As an owner of a property that will be over-shadowed by this stupidity, I OBJECT in the strongest possible terms to the proposal. As a previous development was knocked back a bit further along the street, WHY is this one allowed to be considered? Don’t the same negatives remain? – in fact that are multiplied! Traffic issues accessing the site and especially Mark Lane have not been considered in any way, shape of form!
    DUMB GREED drives these financiers and all BCC can see is RATES REVENUE!
    Pathetic, crass, short term motivation will be viewed in the future as a criminal act on our city!

  • Go Brisbane! And for those who don’t like a developing city or like being overshadowed by a city’s growth, move out of the city as it will always have large buildings. Plus I’m sure a growing city is supporting growth of your family… more opportunity, more enjoyment.
    #are you getting old and cranky?

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