500 George Street Gets New Design

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Artist's impression of 500 George

A new design has been submitted for Nelson Properties’ 500 George Street which involves a 60 level residential apartment tower with a striking black and gold facade design.

According to the architectural vision, the redesign is aimed to create a vibrant and iconic address that is appropriate to its proximity to the CBD and transport corridors.

Accordingly, there is a recognised need for an exemplary building development that can positively add to the existing built environment as well as help shape the character and unique identity.

The design aims to distinguish itself as a landmark building and achieve a modern urban form that will stand alone as a notable piece of Architecture, while maintaining the demonstration of the evolution and local cultural heritage with the integration of King George Chambers.

Artist’s impression

The design of the new tower focuses on two unique elements. The first is a celebratory protective shell presenting itself towards the river, offering a dramatic new landmark on the city skyline.

The second is the ‘city’ building which draws from the structural rhythm and brickwork motifs evident in the King George Chambers facade, while presenting a playful tower language to the inner city experience which compliments the vernacular of existing and proposed towers within its context.

Artist’s impression


The design of the new tower focuses on two unique elements. The primary ‘protective shell’ is comprised of copper coloured glazing and spandrels which from a conceal and reveal the secondary city building. This shell language projects upwards, past the secondary ‘city building’ towards the river. Emphasising distinction between the two forms.

This primary ‘river’ facade is textured by horizontal sun hood projections in a staggered arrangement. These fins add further interest into the primary copper coloured facade while offering practical sunshading to bedrooms and reducing solar gain on the building facade.


The secondary dark glazed city building emerges from the primary ‘protective shell’ and references the vernacular of other surrounding towers. The orthogonal nature of this form is textured by a vertical ripple along the Roma street facade, achieved by stepping the balcony line of each floor in and out. These ripples are ordered by brass coloured vertical fins which emerge from the podium and reference the rhythm of the heritage facade below.

Artist’s impression of recreation deck

Sliding stack balcony glazing in a hit and miss pattern further punctuate the form of this building, and are positioned to offer maximum protection and operability for residents situated on upper and lower tower floors, where issues with wind and noise, respectively, are more likely.

View previous DA proposal here.

The DA number for this development is A004136291.

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