46 storey office tower proposed for 25 Mary Street

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Architectural rendering of 25 Mary Street, Brisbane City

A development application has been submitted by Bellevue Tce Properties Unit Trust and Mary Street Holdings Unit Trust for the construction of a predominantly commercial 46 storey tower located at 25 Mary Street, Brisbane City.

The proposal involves the removal of the existing low rise commercial office building on the Mary Street frontage to facilitate the establishment of a 46-storey office tower, with an integrated rear annexe comprising ancillary facilities to the Synagogue to be used by the Brisbane Hebrew Congregation.

According to Urbis, the existing Synagogue will be retained, protected and enhanced as part of the redevelopment on the site.

Designed by BVN, the tower will comprise of 42,000m2 of A-Grade 6-Star GBCA rated office space as well as a 2 level wellness centre including gym and pool, ground floor pedestrian cross block laneway with retail, 2 level rooftop penthouse and landscaped balconies for commercial space.

Architectural rendering of 25 Mary Street, Brisbane City
Architectural rendering of 25 Mary Street from the Botanic Gardens
3D renderings of 25 Mary Street, Brisbane City

“The development proposes a dynamic architectural scheme, which encompasses sub-tropical design at the forefront of its design story. The development provides a conventional, yet contemporary tower and podium form, which sits appropriately in its context.” – Urbis, Development Application.

According to Urbis, the tower will include a crown which provides a distinctive ‘cap’ treatment contributing to the overall character of the building.

Architectural rendering of 25 Mary Street, Brisbane City
Architectural rendering of 25 Mary Street on the Brisbane City skyline
Proposed building’s facade

Additionally, materials used as part of the facade of the building provides dynamic character to the building and creates a sparkle to the facade area visible from Mary Street, at certain times of the day – a reflecting, crystalline facade.

A mix of retail kiosk tenancies are to be provided underneath the podium of the development on the ground floor, with the intent to be largely adaptable. These spaces have a total gross floor area of 119.48m2. These tenancies are intended to provide for a mix of food and drink outlet and shop uses, allowing for a degree of flexibility for future occupants.

Development rundown

  • Tower Site Cover: 54.64% (1,495.01m2)
  • Proposed Reconfiguration of a Lot
    • Lot 1 on RP83149 – site area of 637m2
    • Lot 2 on RP96885 – site area of 2,099m2
  • Number of units for residential component Penthouse: 1 unit (4+ bedrooms). Annexe: 6 units (3 x 1 bedroom, 2 x 2 bedroom, 1 x 3 bedroom)
  • Maximum Building Height: 46 storeys (207.35m AHD on top of the roof level and 202.25m AHD at 46 storeys)
  • Green Star Rating (Sustainable Development Criteria): To achieve the above TSC, the development intends to achieve all of the sustainable development criteria in the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan. This includes a 6 Star Green Star (as built) for non-residential development and provision of a minimum of 70% of the site area as outdoor space.
  • Car Parking:
    • Standard – 224 spaces
    • Small – 8 spaces
    • Accessible – 3 spaces (1 per 100 car parks)
    • Synagogue Annexe – 5 spaces
    • Penthouse – 2 spaces
    • Motorcycle – 21 spaces
    Total of 242 car parking spaces
  • Bicycle Parking
    • End of trip facilities are in Basement 1, 2 and 3
    • Visitor Bicycle Parks – 95 spaces
    • Building Occupant Bike Parks – 321 spaces
    • Total Lockers – 386 lockers
    • Showers – 38 showers
    Total 416 bicycle spaces
  • Total GFA: 51,528.66m2
  • Penthouse apartment situated on Level 44 and 45
  • An activated ground plane offering a generous public realm and retail opportunities
  • Delivery of a cross-block link providing a key pedestrian connection between Mary Street and Margaret Street
  • The establishment of an integrated podium at the rear of the tower which includes apartments and a multi-purpose hall, to be owned and used by the Brisbane Hebrew Congregation
  • Shared access (via Mary Street) and parking arrangements between the new commercial office tower and the Synagogue
  • Landscape architecture by Form

Although the future tenant mix has not been confirmed, tenancies that form part of the future building are likely to make up of a variety of businesses and professional services, or one large anchor tenant due to the large office floor plates.

Design rational

Proposed design rationale from BVN

Floor plans



Landscape plans

Levels to be landscaped
Landscaping Plan


Tell us what you think about this development below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Planning & Development Online is A005637201.

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  • I think this is an incredibly poor and unnecessary development that is not needed in Brisbane and further contributes to the crowding in the city, the continuous drag of jobs in the city, rather than decentralising jobs closer to where the majority of the population has to live, primarily driven by exhorbitant prices in greater Brisbane.

    We should be decentralising the workforce closer to where they live, re-energising communities like Ipswich, Logan, Beaudesert, Gympie etc rather than continuing to build eyesores in the city centre, contributing to greater congestion problems on the road network etc. There is already an over abundance of empty offices as it is, so this is just a further folly of a decision.

    Disgusted by this.

  • Whilst it look goods the rest of the world is discovering Covid-19 is changing the way people work now, and if this continues it will reduce the necessity for tall towers. While there are some ugly low rise buildings in Brisbane that deserve to be replaced by good designs it would be nice to be rid of, will these big new ones be needed in future?

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