New 5 Star Hotel for 160 Racecourse Road


Council has approved a proposal by Parthenon Enterprises Pty Ltd to build a new 5 star hotel on the corner of Racecourse and Lancaster Road in Ascot.

The project entails the development of a mixed use centre, consisting of 62 hotel rooms and 17 commercial tenancies spread across a 5 storey and a 3 storey building, with roof decks.

The development, which has been designed by Hayes Anderson Lynch includes a rooftop pool and bar which is connected to the main building via a sky bridge.

Also included is a laneway which will house some of the 13 retail tenancies at ground level including restaurants and bars.

Following the implementation of The Racecourse Precinct Neighbourhood Plan, the Ascot Racing Club area will soon be home to a flurry of new development, with buildings up to 15 storeys allowed under the plan.

This site currently contains an existing single storey multiple occupancy retail building, which is to be  demolished prior to the development.

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  1. What is going to happen to the next door businesses, for example for the Baguette restaurant? are the going to work during the lunch hours? restaurant will loose lots of businesses because of the new construction, are the council or the hotel owners are they going to compensate the next door restaurant? when are they going to start the construction?

  2. Yes needed badly a good hotel in blue chip ascot and the racecourse will provide good stream of business as will nearby cruise ship ports

  3. Hopefully soon – as these retailers watch you park your car there and then call the towing company to come tow you even though you are supporting businesses in the street qt 8pm on a Saturday night. Don’t support any of the businesses currently here including Furlong Chinese Restaurant.


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