100 Floor Twin-Tower Development, 1 Park Lane Proposed for Southport

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Architectural rendering of 1 Park Lane, Southport

A consortium of Australian property industry specialists has lodged a development application to create a $400 million residential and office building at Southport.

The proposed twin-tower development, earmarked for a long vacant site at 1 and 6 Park Lane, will feature a 100-storey apartment building and a 60-storey office building to Southport in one of the most innovative designs ever proposed for the Gold Coast.

The 1 Park Lane development will deliver 197 apartments to the city centre featuring a range of resort-style resident amenities and topped by three two-storey penthouses.

The 60-storey office building will inject up to 12,000sqm of office space amid a looming shortage of prime A-grade space on the Gold Coast, with the project set to become the most significant new office development in the city in more than a decade.

Architectural rendering of 1 Park Lane, Southport
Architectural rendering of 1 Park Lane, Southport

The twin towers are connected by a artistic moulded base canopy 3 storeys high over an open public realm and a skybridge at level 22 that will create a striking architectural feature for the development while providing a primary structural purpose that ties the buildings together.

The skybridge would become a key feature of the development by offering additional landscaped areas as well as a restaurant, function space and bar that can be accessed by residents, office workers and the broader community.

Project rundown

  • Site Area: 1,245m2
  • GFA: Tower 1 – 376.3m2 Tower 2 – 12,317.3m2 Total = 12693.6m2
  • Height: Tower 1 – 100 storeys (393.5 metres) Tower 2 – 60 storeys (233.12 metres)
  • Apartments: Tower 1 has x193 apartments (471 bedrooms).
  • Lifts: x3 lifts in Tower 1. x4 lifts in Tower 2
  • Retail: Ground floor cafe in Tower 2 with a podium level restaurant in both tower 1 and 2
  • Communal Space: Communal open space is provided throughout the ground plane and Level 22 Sky Deck. Moreover, there are various communal areas provided throughout both Tower 1 and Tower 2
  • Car Parking: Resident Car Parking – 289 spaces Office Car Parking – 110 spaces Visitor Car Parking – 7 spaces Valet Car Parking – 5 spaces PWD Car Parking – 8 spaces Short-stay Resident Loading Bays – 2 spaces Total = 421 car parking spaces
  • Bike Parking: 218 spaces
  • Developer: One Park Lane Developments Pty Ltd
  • Architect: BKK Architects
  • Landscape Design: TCL
  • Town Planner: Urbis
  • Sustainability: Photo electric solar cell wall to the west face of the towers. Landscaping throughout the sky deck on Level 22, including feature plantings and a suspended ‘green chandelier’
  • Date Submitted: 1/09/2022

A syndicate of private investors is behind the consortium overseeing this new development including developer Baracon, Melbourne-based funds manager Payton Group, Australian architect BKK, town planners Urbis, and engineering consultancy Van der Meer.

Architectural rendering of 1 Park Lane, Southport air bridge on level 22
Plan of 1 Park Lane, Southport air bridge on level 22

Project Architect, Simon Knott sees 1 Park Lane as a major catalyst that will inspire a new wave of developments in Southport.

“This is an exciting project that will capture the imagination of the occupants, the wider community, and the industry more broadly. We are delighted to have the opportunity to be involved.” said Mr Knott.

“Southport has been primed for a development like this for some time. It has everything going for it, but with so many dormant sites in the CBD it has been a sleeping giant for too long. This development will activate a site that has been underutilised for years.

“The 1 Park Lane proposal will bring to the market a broad range of apartments that will have direct access to extensive public amenities in the area, including the light rail, Australia Fair shopping centre and access to CBD facilities and the Broadwater Parklands.

Architectural rendering of 1 Park Lane, Southport
Proposed recreation zones on 1 Park Lane, Southport

“Our consultant team’s research also shows that the office tower will be a significant driver of economic activity in its own right.”

It’s estimated 1 Park Lane will accommodate up to 500 employees in the office tower and 580 residents in the main tower, while the project is expected to create about 1,000 jobs alone during construction.

The twin-tower development will feature significant sustainability initiatives including a photo electric solar cell wall to the west face, which will harness the energy provided from the sun for reuse within the apartment building.

Architectural rendering of 1 Park Lane, Southport

Extensive landscaping across the site is designed to deliver a welcoming environment for residents, office employees and the public across the combined plaza entries to the buildings.

“The 1 Park Lane development brings to Southport a people-focused design that will bring to life an area of the CBD that is totally underutilised at present,” said Mr Knott.

“Not only are we designing a new Gold Coast benchmark, but we are also creating a new public domain that is very much needed in the area.”

Architectural rendering of 1 Park Lane, Southport interior

Gold Coast Councillor Brooke Patterson, who serves the people of Division 6 where the project is proposed, has always been positive about the eventual recognition of her division, defined as Gold Coast CBD.

“This is a great opportunity for Southport to be recognised as the growth corridor it is,” said Councillor Patterson.

Great architecture, a positive contribution to self-sustainability and the creation of a well-designed public realm are attributes she sees important to any development application.

“The 1 Park Lane team seem to have embraced this in their submission which our planning officers will now assess,” said Councillor Patterson.




Tell us what you think about this masterplan below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on the Gold Coast City Council’s planning and development online platform is PDA/2022/22.

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  • Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the urbanisation and development of SEQ. But this, this just looks out of place. I don’t mind seeing large skyscrapers in areas that don’t have them, they can look classy if done correctly. But this looks like one of those skinny-scrapers you would see on billionaire’s row in Manhattan. It does not suit the skyline of Southport, it just looks almost creepy. Like a needle poking out of the ground. Maybe it’ll look better when built, but it needs to be much thicker as a building.

  • This is exciting I hope to be following this project from the ground up.
    Civil Engineering was my game from rigging, dog-man and crane operator on the Snowy mountains scheme to pipe line quality inspection on pipelines finishing my career in charge of bridging structures maintenance on the Auckland Motorway.
    Please give me the websites to follow this wonderful asset to Southport.

  • Love skyscraper development is very important for a growing community and will provide Residence with more living space For the Gold Coast it makes sense But I would also like to see more of that in Brisbane . Brisbane has been lacking with going Taller for a long time So would love to see it happen for both Brisbane and the Gold Coast .

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