Wallace Bishop Proposes New Street Activation Enhancement

street activation enhancement
Artist's impression of proposed street activation enhancement

Wallace Bishop has proposed an extension and face lift to their Commercial Road headquarters located at 49 Commercial Road, Teneriffe.

Designed by Cottee Parker, the proposal will be built where the existing carpark and landscaping resides. The plans are for five new retail tenancies, ranging in size from 66m2 to 180m2. Out of these five, three will be reserved for food outlets, such as restaurants or bars.

Each food tenancy has been designed to accommodate outdoor dining, both on-site, and on the Commercial Road footpath (subject to the necessary licences), which will further assist in the activation of Commercial Road in this locality.

The development application, if approved, would bring a fresh look to the headquarters building as well as increased street activation by locating the car park behind new retail tenancies.

Plan of proposed street activation enhancement

Construction of the extension is to be tilt up concrete panels and steal roof framing. The facade will be dressed in a gold powered coated aluminium screen, breaking down the volume of the building and generating a pleasing aspect to the development.

Complementing this, the concrete walls will be painted a soft metal grey and white, while external steelwork is to be painted black.

The proposal includes integrated planting and seating, keeping in line with many development applications in Brisbane. There is to be limited changes to the existing building as the extension will obscure a large portion of it from the streetscape.

The DA number for this development is A004645227.


  1. ” [ … ] tilt up concrete panels and steal roof framing.” I hope the roof framing is securely bolted down, wouldn’t want anybody to “steal” it now! 😉

    Anyway, this is a good start at ‘gentrifying’ that nasty little piece of Commercial Road … and maybe Council might install traffic lights at the intersection too.

  2. This will surely make up for the AFP building accross the road installing concrete barriers right up to the edge of the road & blocking all pedestrian access.


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