Updated Queen’s Wharf Flythrough Released by Destination Brisbane

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Screenshot taken from Destination Brisbane Consortium's updated Queen's Wharf Flythrough
Screenshot taken from Destination Brisbane Consortium’s updated Queen’s Wharf Flythrough

Destination Brisbane Consortium has released its first update to the original precinct design flythrough of Queen’s Wharf since the development’s inception in 2014.

Based on the new video, which is still subject to approvals shows that the general design has remained largely the same however there has been slight cosmetic changes to the hotel towers of the core resort precinct, the atrium design as well as the bridge which has gained a slightly more prominent mast structure which was reported back in September.

Screenshot taken of The Atrium, part of Destination Brisbane Consortium’s updated Queen’s Wharf Flythrough

The facades of all buildings including the residential towers known as ‘QWB Residences’ appear to also include a new LED external lighting feature.

Waterline Park has also gained a larger riverside beach which is shown to be located in front of the Riverside Expressway.

Screenshot taken of Waterline Park, part of Destination Brisbane Consortium’s updated Queen’s Wharf Flythrough

A side-by-side comparison video has been created below to help understand the design evolution of the Queen’s Wharf IRD.

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  • Great to see the new George St streetscape interface is now high end retail shopfronts right to the boundary instead of an activated street. Not a great outcome & cannot see how that relates to a human scale at all.

  • Why always concentrate building more things around the city… when it could be nicer to create new things around suburbs. It’s not like the city is the only thing people do. And also work all thru the south suburbs rather then always concentrate everything to do with the Northside of Brisbane. All I can see is just commercial height around the city to show off… everything has to be luxury while us living at home gets nothing luxury in our suburbs. Why built tall buildings when they can use that money go help people needs in Brisbane. We are all not always rich as you think in brisbane. Spread out and develop things as far as garden city and browns plains. Instead of everything to do in the city.. it’s all show off from all I can see…probably for the rich people perhaps. Why everything has to be built things tho are in the city or near the city. How about look around the south surbubs such as calamvale. Browns plains. Stratton. Parkinson and so on.. plenty of space to built things instead of always concentrate the whole city. Not everyone just goes to the city to look and to shop. Not satisfied. Specially the lordmare of the city he only thinks and cares is tunnel roads across the Northside of Brisbane with very little or hardly nothing v done on the south side Brisbane suburbs.

    • Hi Rise development concept for Beenleigh!! 2019 – 2025. Exactly just what you are saying Jimona – four (#4) – 15 storey tower concept (Hi Rises) for Beenleigh, with #1 being Technology (Nano tech, AI, BIM, VR, Pro Biotics, Augmented Reality etc) 8 floors of new skills-education. #2 for Entertainment – 1 floor Trade show, 1 floor Conference Centre, 1 floor Theatre (Musicals, ballet, drama), 1 floor Convention centre for international speakers (TED etc) #3 for families – Tourism, medical, toddler activity etc #4 Community for Crowd funding, entrepreneurs, c

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