Updated Design Proposed for 117 Victoria Street, West End

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Architectural rendering of Crown Group's updated 117 Victoria Street proposal in West End

An updated development application has been submitted by Crown Group for a large development located at 117 Victoria Street, West End.

A previous application was approved by the Brisbane City Council in 2018 for 455 apartments across four residential towers centred around a large podium.

The updated application maintains the four tower forms however the podium has been removed in order to maximise the central open space between the buildings as well as facilitating increased semi-public open space and landscape.

Communal open space has also been increased from 3,964m2 to 5,025m2 due to the removal of podium as well as the activation of rooftop residential amenities for buildings 1 and 4.

Architectural rendering of Crown Group's updated 117 Victoria Street proposal in West End
Architectural rendering of Crown Group’s updated 117 Victoria Street proposal in West End
Architectural rendering of Crown Group’s updated 117 Victoria Street proposal in West End

The new application has been designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates and Plus Architecture.

There has been an increase of apartments from 455 in total across the four buildings to 473 apartments. Additionally 140m2 of new retail space has been added to the proposal located at the ground level of Tower 1.

According to the development application, since the development approval was granted, the Applicant has continued to refine their vision for the site.

Architectural rendering of Crown Group’s updated 117 Victoria Street proposal in West End

“The Applicant recognises the unique opportunity that this site presents to develop a high quality development outcome that is reflective of the site’s prominent context, embraces the Brisbane River and adjacent parkland, and responds to the city’s subtropical climate.

The Applicant acknowledges that through the assessment process for the current development approval key built form outcomes were addressed with Council and therefore rather than pursuing a new development application, a Change Application (Other Change) has been proposed.” – Mewing Planning Consultants (Development application).

The development proposes to provide 3,749m2 (31.7% of the new site area) of publicly accessible space, which excludes the 400m2 trunk park also provided, and 5,025m2 (42.5% of the new site area) of communal recreation space at ground level.

Architectural rendering of Crown Group’s updated 117 Victoria Street proposal in West End

Project rundown

  • Site Area: 12,500m2
  • Height: 12 storeys with varying heights / RL 60m
  • Apartments: 126 x 1 bedroom, 225 x 2 bedrooms, 111 x 3 bedrooms, 11 x 4 bedrooms (x473 apartments in total).
  • Lifts: x2 lifts for each tower. Average lift-to-unit ratio of ~1:59.
  • Retail: 140m2 of new retail space below tower 1
  • Communal Space: Large 2,351m2 publicly accessible space between buildings. Addition of two rooftop recreation decks on tower 1 and 4.
  • Car Parking: x635 spaces
  • Bike Parking: x553 spaces
  • Developer: Crown Group
  • Architect: Kengo Kuma and Associates and Plus Architecture
  • Landscape Design: Form Landscape Architects
  • Town Planner: Mewing Planning Consultants
  • Sustainability: Deep planting throughout with terraced landscaping optimising the natural topography of the site.  Timber look screening and natural vegetation on facades. There is no proposed rooftop solar PV system on buildings with no recreation amenity.
  • Date Submitted: 30/9/2022
  • Comments: Amount of car park spaces (x635) in two basements seems very high for already congested Montague Road. This is due to Council’s unnecessary mandatory minimum car parking requirements policy for development in Brisbane which also drives up the cost of development.




The previous development application for this proposal can be viewed here.

Tell us what you think about this masterplan below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s developmenti online platform is A006116685.

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  • I am sure that the developer has met all the requirements of council, but dear council what plans do you have to manage the 635 additional cars brought into the area by this building (given there are 635 car spaces in the building), not to mention, the delivery trucks for the residents who no doubt will be shopping online, and the visitors to their friends living in this building? I applaud you asking the public about these developments!!! But the public, I’m sure, want you to produce your plans that will directly address the increased traffic in this area as a result of this significant development and other developments in the surrounding proximity. I look forward to hearing about these plans in the future.

  • I think this development is way to big for the space, it is too tall and too many apartments. Where are all the cars and people going to go ….they are quiet enclaves and dead end streets leading onto the river, please cut the size down

  • The development should be limited in height on the river like all the other height restricted developments along the river in that precinct. Why this was allowed is not fully disclosed to the public. Even if it were published it is not in the full view of residents and voters. Typical government/developer ‘distortion’ of the guidelines once again.

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