Tricare Proposes New Retirement & Residential Care Facility in Taringa

Artist's impression of proposed Tricare development

A development application has been submitted by Tricare to construct a new multi-tower residential aged care and retirement development located at 52 Seven Oaks Street, Taringa.

The development comprises of three buildings with heights of 9, 14 and 16 stories high. According to the development application, the design allows for the stepping down of building heights across the site from west to east which helps to decrease the scale to the east on Seven Oaks Street.

Tricare taringa
Artist’s impression of proposed Tricare development

Development Rundown

  • Building 1 (Independent Living Units – Retirement Facility) 98 two bedroom units
  • Building 2 (Assisted Living Units – Retirement Facility) 53 two bedroom units
  • Building 3 (Care Beds – Residential Care Facility) 255 beds

Designed by Deicke Richards Architects, the proposed layout has been broken up into a series of buildings rather than one consolidated built form in order to maximise outdoor open space and landscaping while containing car parking within the building to reduce amenity impacts resultant of at grade car parking. The clustering of the development into a series of buildings also allows for the provision of breezes and solar access in and around buildings.

Artist’s impression of proposed Tricare development
Artist’s impression of proposed Tricare development at ground level

According to a Tricare demand and supply analysis, Brisbane’s existing supply and firmed pipeline of retirement living units and aged care accommodation is not sufficient to meet the demand of the ageing population.

The Brisbane City Council is currently considering initiatives to encourage new retirement living and residential care accommodation in areas of demand, to provide choice for residents to remain within their local neighbourhood throughout their lifecycle.

Initiatives include relaxations on building heights, reductions of infrastructure charges and improving and streamlining the development assessment processes for aged care facilities.

The Brisbane City Council forecasts that demand for aged care facilities will increase by 50% by 2027.

The proposal has received numerous submissions against the development from neighbouring properties complaining about loss of city views, scale and potential traffic generated from the facility.

The development application number for this project is A004685563.


  1. Deike Richards put their name on this? I’m sure they used to be committed to good urban outcomes in the past.

    And then to put it in through the dubious Buildings That Breathe approval process (pay a fee to get in a room with council several times and a fast tracked approval process) is very cheeky for a monster development completely out of character with the surrounds.

  2. This proposed development promises to destroy the quality of life of hundreds of Taringa residents as they are over-run with traffic, disturbed by 24/7 noise from the aged-care hospice, and have their access to natural light and breezes profoundly diminished. How is it conceivable that a developer would think it reasonable to run a hospice in the middle of a quiet residential street? Imagine the 24/7 noise, light, traffic that will result from this? This developer’s conduct in putting up this proposal is utterly unethical and lacking in any consideration for anyone but themselves. Don’t believe them when they say they want to provide high-quality services to elderly people. Rubbish! All they care about is making money from vulnerable people. This proposed development deserves to be treated with the same lack of regard that the developers have shown the residents of Taringa. Shame on you Tricare. To object to this proposal, visit


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