The Wintergarden’s New Art Facade

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In the next few months Brisbane will start to see the installation of the Wintergarden’s huge art facade. The facade will be installed on three different sides of the Wintergarden.

The installation of the screens coincide with the opening of the next stage of the Wintergarden’s retail redevelopment which is scheduled to open in early April. The art screens have been designed by Studio 505.

The next stage includes new retail offerings to Queen Street with Coach, Ben Sherman, Seed Heritage, Lee, Guzman y Gomez, Grilld and French Connection are some of the new tenants signing on for stage 2.

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  • Ok, yes close to borderline fedsquare army whatever. This lloks really good, better than so-called graffiti artist wannabee’s. I like it, one thing Brisbane is lacking, buttiflies, so it makes me think. Carry on, you have won me.

  • I think it will look dull and dirty in the day, due to pollution. Though it will be stunning at night. Its a little messy as in the amount and detail of the work. a bit too much for my liking. Would have been nice to see a theme from where the buildings name origanates. Maybe we should build vertical gardens into the designs of our future buildings. Shrubs, grasses,trees, ferns and vines to suit our, subtropical enviroment. Would truly make Brisbane a Most Livable City. Just a thought…………………………..

  • What a shame that it hasn’t opened up the Elizabeth Street Streetscape as it was supposed to with the removal of the carpark ramps. Anyone know why these weren’t removed as part of the original plan and concept seen above?

  • @ Ben Brisbane – That is because the Wintergarden isn’t finished yet. It requires the neighbouring Regent Tower to be built before the carpark ramps can be removed. The cars still need a way to get up into the carpark after all, and that will be through the Regent Tower.

    You may have also noticed both the empty tenancies nearest to the Hilton driveway on Elizabeth Street, and the still blocked off cross-mall-link in the food court (between Ms Chi Qi and Ispa Kebabs) . They are other unfinished parts reliant on the Regent Tower – the existing service ramp to the basement will be filled, and those final tenancies and the link will be built over the former ramp space.

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