The Residential Side of Queens Wharf

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Artist's impression of the original design for precinct 3 of Queens Wharf

The iconic Arc SkyDeck and all the entertainment offerings of Queens Wharf seems to have overshadowed a little talked about but significant section of the overall Queens Wharf precinct, the future residential towers.

Despite little information being revealed about these three towers, there are a few things which can be observed from what has previously been released.

In total, Queens Wharf will have seven towers (including 1 William Street).


  • Tower 1 – 43 levels (160m) RESIDENTIAL TOWER
  • Tower 2 & 3 (below Arc Skydeck) – 26 levels (101m)  CASINO AND HOTELS
  • Tower 4 – 63 levels (200m) RESIDENTIAL TOWER
  • Tower 5 – 49 levels (180m) HOTEL TOWER
  • Tower 6 – 45 levels (160m) RESIDENTIAL TOWER
  • Tower 7 (1 William Street) – 45 levels (224m) OFFICE – QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT HEADQUARTERS
Artist’s impression from Alice Street
Artist’s impression of George Street residential towers

While the building’s designs are yet to be finalised, the architecture of the current residential towers are seen to have a stacked level design with several green spines running up each of the three towers. The residential tower closest to Parliament house is seen to have a cantilevered design over a public space below.

Artists impression of residential towers

Tower 4, a 63 levels tower is one of four buildings which props up the Arc Skydeck structure.


Architects Cottee Parker Architects Steelman Partners and Jerde in Collaboration – Architect Integrated Resort Grimshaw – Bridge Architect ML Design (Architects) – Retail and Adaptive Re-Use Architects will keep you informed as soon as more information on the buildings comes to hand.

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