St Vincent’s Plans Redevelopment for Kangaroo Point Hospital Site

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Concept rendering of proposed Kangaroo Point Integrated Wellness Community

St Vincent’s Health Australia has lodged a six-staged development masterplan for the redevelopment of St Vincent’s Hospital in Kangaroo Point.

Located at 363, 365, 373 & 411 Main Street, Kangaroo Point, the new masterplan redevelopment is known as the ‘Kangaroo Point Integrated Wellness Community’ and would guide development of the site over a 20 year period.

The application specifies that designs shown are indicative concepts which are not final and doesn’t form part of this particular development application (DA), but rather focusses on approval for the broader masterplan.

Originally built in 1954, the ‘Mt Olivet’ Hospital was the first dedicated facility for the elderly and was Queensland’s first modern hospice. Now, the site consists of St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane and St Vincent’s Care Services.

Concept rendering of proposed Kangaroo Point Integrated Wellness Community
Concept rendering of proposed Kangaroo Point Integrated Wellness Community from the Story Bridge

According to the application, St Vincent wants to continue highly specialised medical services for people with chronic and complex health needs.

Concept rendering of central circulation spine
Concept rendering of Main Street Building looking South
Concept rendering of planned connected open space

“The future Kangaroo Point Green Bridge will strengthen the neighbourhood’s connectivity to the CBD and will enhance Kangaroo Point’s role in the city. Redevelopment of the St Vincent’s site offers significant opportunities to add to Brisbane’s network of pedestrian focussed public space, offering additional connectivity between Main Street, the river’s edge and to the city.”

“A desire for the future Integrated Wellness Community is to create an environment site that encourages visitors. The redevelopment aims to create meaningful spaces for residents, patients, staff, visitors, and people from the broader community.” – Development Application

The planned development proposes to split the site into two different precincts, with a residential precinct connected to the Riverwalk along the Brisbane River and a health, aged care & education precinct along Main Street.

Proposed site usages

Designed by Bickerton Masters and Gaskell Planning Consultants, the 20-year vision proposes 6 stages in total with towers ranging in heights from  15 to 19 storeys.

Stage 1 development includes car parking to offset existing open air car parks that are lost during the construction of stage 2.

Proposed precincts as part of the Kangaroo Point Integrated Wellness Community
Views and vistas of the proposed Kangaroo Point Integrated Wellness Community

Stage 2 development allows for Residential Aged Care to be relocated from the existing Maycrest building on site. Stage 2 also includes a health & wellness area, freeing up space in the existing buildings to allow for future staged demolition and redevelopment.

Progressive demolition and redevelopment of the western side of the site which would include the prominent brick hospital building would occur after stage 1 and 2 are constructed with stage 5 and 6 being developed as one or two stages.

Proposed Riverfront Elevations of conceptual future buildings

Project rundown

  • Site area: Total area – 18,822m² comprising four allotments
  • Heights: Residential dwellings – 15 storeys, Residential care facility – 19 storeys, Retirement facility – 19 storeys, Rooming accommodation – 15 storeys, Short-term accommodation – 15 storeys, Community care centre – 15 Storeys, Health care service –  15 storeys, Hospital – 15 storeys.
  • Use: Integrated mixed-use development involving a range of community uses, residential and commercial activities.

All design aspects in this application are conceptual only and are not for council approval. The application put forward to council is for the masterplan and precinct plan only with detailed applications of individual stages to follow.

Proposed public realm & connections

Tell us what you think about this masterplan below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Developmenti online platform is A005844698.

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  • Looks good it’s an area which needs updating. Might consider the frontage a bit more with respect to pedestrian movement up and down Main St. It is a busy area for pedestrians and cyclists with a bus stop. This traffic will increase with the Green Bridge, 3m is not enough space.

  • I hope the development includes easy access for the palliative patients to be able to access the river views. I would love to see some open spaces on the floor the palliative patients will be accommodated on to breathe fresh air and for the staff to easily be able to move beds to have access to sunshine, open air and river views. Eg a podium/open air are like many of our Brisbane hotels that are located on the river.

  • After living and working in KP for many years, it is a great shame there wasn’t a building plan….
    The plans for the extensions for the hospital has been left to last.
    The existing building is not attractive and lacks a lot of river views.There has been that the blue building called “Lagoon” is supposedly coming down and another hi rise to be built on that very dangerous corner. It should be left as just empty land.
    I am in a position to have someone who is going into St Vincent’s to die and it is very sad that the building is so pathetic and ancient.

    So be it. There is not many other choices. Kangaroo Point was so pretty once and it will never like that again!

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