Rydges Hotel Redevelopment

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Rydges on Grey Street, Southbank is about to undergo an $11 million dollar redevelopment which will see a dramatic improvement of street level activation.

The redevelopment follows the completion of the new Brisbane Convention Centre Expansion project, the new ABC headquarters and the upgrade of South Brisbane Station. These projects will significantly enhance Grey Street’s walkability and street amenity. 

The hotel has been able to operate and redesign some internal elements for the functions to flow and operate, however it has always left the external appearance and human scale at street level lacking in activity and cohesion.

The redevelopment of Rydges Hotel, which has been designed by Base Architecture is crucial in achieving the continuity of design excellence, creativity and vitality outlined in the Street Spine Vision.

A new retail arcade evokes elements of the Queensland vernacular (undercroft space) and this will be enhanced with Landscape elements such as a green ceiling, low vegetation and screening to the arches which will help soften the space and reduce the volume to a human scale.

The retail tenancies open fully to the street blurring the boundaries between inside and outside which in turn will provide continuous activity to this edge.

Between the new retail and existing CBD café/bar there’s a potential for a temporary art or performance space which will add day and night activity along with a welcomed break along the current lengthy journey.

It is envisaged that this zone will also assist in providing a legible entry point to South Bank along with providing greater casual surveillance opportunities and sightlines along this section of street.

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