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Queensland’s first ‘Coles Local’ featured in 89 Adelaide St refurb

Artist's impression of 89 Adelaide Street facade refurbishment - PDOnline
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A development application has been submitted for the refurbishment of the podium of 89 Adelaide Street.

The proposed development seeks to retrofit the existing vacant tenancy on level 1 with Queensland’s first ‘Coles Local’ supermarket, a new boutique brand of Coles.

The Albert Street store which is proposed to be 1,643sqm would become the second Coles Local in Australia, with the first store opening in Surry Hills, Melbourne last year.

According to Coles, the new format store is different from a Coles Central or Woolworths Metro style of supermarket due to a greater selection of high quality local and imported products as well as a more tailored in-store experience. The stores are also half the size of a traditional Coles supermarket.

Artist’s impression of 89 Adelaide Street facade refurbishment from Adelaide Street – PDOnline

The Surrey Hills store stocks local Australian produce including Backyard Honey, Meatsmith, Brunetti and MoVida, and sells 100% Australian-grown fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fresh seafood.

The Surry Hills store also features a new “Foodie Hub” with a resident chef to offer product samples, advice and recipes to customers in store.

“The store champions sustainability with a zero edible food waste policy, and will feature a food digester which uses water and microbes to partly digest inedible food waste and send it to the local waste water treatment plant where it is turned into renewable energy.”

“Coles Local will proactively contribute to the area through partnerships with local community groups including the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Community Centre and Surrey Hills Rotary Club.” – Coles Local

According to the development application, the proposed works will include the retention of the ground floor retail tenancies which currently front Albert Street Mall.

Designed by Cottee Parker, the revitalisation includes upgrading podium facades fronting Burnett Lane, Albert Street and Adelaide Street.

The DA states that the proposed refurbishment would reactivate both the Mall Street Frontage as well as Burnett Lane.

“Permeability to level 1 of the podium will also be enhanced with the opening up of the Burnett Lane/Albert Street corner, which includes elevators from the ground level up to Level 1.” – Development Application

In addition, the application proposes high levels of Burnett Lane activation through a new 50sqm food and drink outlet tenancy orientated toward the laneway, which will integrate with the facade improvements continued to all street frontages.

“Burnett Lane currently lacks many design elements and does not achieve any activation of the street frontage.” – Development Application

A new 647sqm basement tenancy is also proposed, anticipated to include a gym or food and drink outlet tenant. The proposed tenancy will replace a previous tenancy which has been more recently repurposed as car parking and informal storage areas.

There are no changes proposed to the commercial tower above the podium or to the rooftop of the podium, which is currently used as an outdoor space associated with a tenancy within the commercial tower.

The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Planning & Development Online is A005298902.

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  1. Great to see this corner better utilised. Pretty uninspiring treatment to the facade, especially given the prominent location of this corner within the city. Surely a more Brisbane like response is required?

  2. this is great, also please build supermarkets and fresh food out lets in the margaret, mary and charlotte precint, this area has over 10,000 beds as permanent apprtments, tempory short stay and hotels, all get hungry and need groceries but nearest supermarket is queen st either coles or woolworths and long walk thru busy footpaths, we need a local supermarket too

  3. Why not go and revamp the whole podium it looks very odd to have the existing tenant’s facade untouched and a new flat facade above it. I can’t believe rubbish like this gets approved either do it right or not at all.


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