Plans Lodged for New South Bank Ferry Terminal Upgrade

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Artist's impression of new South Bank Ferry Terminal

Brisbane City Council will this week lodge plans to transform one of Brisbane’s busiest ferry terminals, as part of a $70 million investment to upgrade terminals along the Brisbane River.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said Council had now finalised the proposed design for the upgraded South Bank 1 and 2 ferry terminals and was confident it would deliver the best outcome for the area.

“South Bank is one of Brisbane’s premier tourist destinations and this design will ensure river views are not impeded, while accessibility will be enhanced,” he said.

“We are delivering a modern public transport network for the future with seven double decker CityCats joining the fleet, with the first hitting the water later this year.

“About 5 million people travel by ferry or CityCat every year and this upgrade is crucial to ensuring everyone can easily access the service, including those with a wheelchair or pram.

Artist's impression of new South Bank Ferry Terminal
Artist’s impression of new South Bank Ferry Terminal
Artist’s impression of Pontoon of new South Bank Ferry Terminal

“Council has been working with South Bank Corporation on the designs and the development application, to be lodged this week, has proposed merging the two current pontoons into one large pontoon with a waiting area.

“The current terminal has been operational since 1996, while the proposed new dual berth terminal will cater for future CityCat and CityHopper services

“As Brisbane grows our river’s edge is changing to provide more lifestyle and leisure opportunities.

Artist’s impression of walkway along new South Bank Ferry Terminal
Artist’s impression of Pontoon of new South Bank Ferry Terminal

“Council is delivering upgraded ferry terminals, new river walks, river-access hubs and five new bridges, while Queen’s Wharf has now revealed the final design for the Neville Bonner Bridge.

“This new ferry terminal design will transform the river’s edge and be a wonderful asset for the residents and visitors of our city who travel along our river.

“Brisbane is the best city in the world and this new terminal is all part of my plan to ensure we remain an inclusive, accessible and well-connected city.”

Artist’s impression of Pontoon of new South Bank Ferry Terminal
Artist’s impression of Pontoon of new South Bank Ferry Terminal

Cr Schrinner said the terminal upgrade was part of Council’s $70 million commitment to upgrading existing ferry terminals to improve accessibility by 2022.

“I am making sure our public transport system meets demands now and into the future and this new terminal will provide safe access for all passengers,” he said.

“Upgrade works are currently underway to improve accessibility at Guyatt Park terminal, while Council recently completed maintenance works at South Bank 3 ferry terminal.”

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  • Good to upgrade for future CityCat and CityHopper services, but do not to get loan money from China money ok.
    Have to get own tax payers , that means you have to Infrastructure Jobs before to spending please!

  • There is no roof over the waiting area, do you like standing in the rain or the hot sun?
    The butterfly food over the terminal does not protect from driving rain as the edges are too high. This type of roof will flood when there’s a hail storm and the central gutter fills with hail. I really wonder if the designers and the council planners ever get out of the air-conditioned offices into the real world. You have a good terminal at Riverside why don’t you copy the design for South Bank.

  • It would be cool if it had one of those tall orange pillars saying that it is south bank and not just that small sign.

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