Pikos Propose 12 Storey Residential Building for Ferry Road, West End

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Architectural rendering of proposed Ferry Road Apartments

Pikos Group has submitted an application for a 12 storey residential building located at 20-24 Ferry Road, West End.

Known in the development application as ‘Ferry Road Apartments’, the development has a distinctive brick design at its podium base levels which is typical of many heritage buildings around the West End area.

The building presents itself as a two part elevation. The ground plane and podium greets the street with a warm handshake of red coloured concrete. The hue is a nod to the historical use of brick throughout the area.

On top of this a crisp white tower elevates to the sky. A veil of greenery is cascaded across the facade to soften the edges and create a considered response to the subtropical environment. – Conrad Gargett

According to the architect Conrad Gargett, the red base or podium comes to the fore, while the white tower rises above.

The project includes a rooftop recreation deck on level 11 which would accommodate a pool, lounges, dining and bbq areas as well as a lawn and gardens.

Architectural rendering of proposed facade of Ferry Road Apartments
Architectural rendering of proposed facade of Ferry Road Apartments
Architectural rendering of proposed facade of Ferry Road Apartments

Project rundown

  • Height: 12 storeys / RL 43.5m
  • Apartments: 3 bed – x29 apartments, 3+ bed – x9 apartments. Total apartments: x38 apartments
  • Landscape design by LAUDink
  • Site Area: 1,311m2 (existing site), 1,210m2 (new site, road resumption removed)
  • Site Coverage Ground: 58.75% (711m2), Podium – 61.23% (741m2), Tower – 57% (690m2)
  • Car Parking: x77 Resident car spaces, x6 Visitor spaces (including PWD). Total: x83 car spaces
  • Basement: x6 basement levels
  • Bicycle Spaces: x38 resident spaces, x10 visitor spaces
  • Deep Planting: 181m2 (14.95%)
Architectural rendering of proposed ground level of Ferry Road Apartments
Architectural rendering of interior kitchen design

According to the development application, the rooftop terrace has been counted as a storey as it includes solid roof components that assist to create usable recreation spaces for residents in Brisbane’s subtropical climate.

Architectural rendering of rooftop recreation deck
Proposed rooftop landscape design

This roof form also accommodates solar panels to improve the building’s energy efficiency.

Were this roof terrace to feature permeable pergola structures, the proposal would be defined as 11 storeys rather than 12.




Tell us what you think about this development below in the comment box. The development application for this project, available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Developmenti online platform is A005777075.

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  • I think there are too many high rise developments in West End already. This area floods also. Theres too much traffic in this area from all the new units, and hardly any street parking if u want to shop. Everyone will park in the shopping centre car parks even if u want to shop in the small individual shops or visit the cafes. But please, no more units!!!

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