Normanby Hotel Redevelopment

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A new proposal to redevelop the Normanby Hotel carpark into a new four star hotel, night club and beer garden has been submitted by LMRM Pty Ltd.

The 12 level development features a basement nightclub, podium level pool, beer garden, gaming venue, and function rooms.

“The proposal would enhance local character by replacing views to an unsightly carpark and storage area with views to an engaging streetscape, active ground plane, and iconic tower,” a design assessor hired by LMRM said in a report.


“Whilst the existing hotel is an identifiable land mark at a very local scale, the remaining local context is severely lacking in identity and structure.”

The hotel will comprise of 184 hotel short term accommodation rooms, while a small 118sqm shop is planned to front Musgrave Road.

The DA number for this development is A003904080.

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