Newstead to get Australian First Mercedes-Benz Autohaus

Artist's impression

In an Australian first, Mercedes-Benz has proposed a new flagship five storey Autohaus centre to rival those in Europe in a bid to expand their presence within the Australian and Queensland automotive markets.

The proposed Mercedes-Benz Autohaus centre is located on the old Breakfast Creek Wharf site in Newstead and will house an automotive dealing and care centre, a 539 sqm automotive museum, staff training centre, various shops and cafes, rooftop restaurant, dining and function area as well as a garden pavilion.

Artist's impression
Artist’s impression
Artist's impression
Artist’s impression from Kingsford Smith Drive

The proposed development is contemporary in design and includes modernist architectural design elements.

The Gallery of Modern Art in South Bank represents a similar design aesthetic with glass curtain walls utilised to provide a high level of transparency through the facility in order to promote visual interest in the site.

Artist's impression
Artist’s impression

The development seeks to refurbish the public realm along the Breakfast Creek waterfront boardwalk as well as reinstating pedestrian connectivity between the wharf and the adjacent Newstead Park.

Landscape plan
Landscape plan

With it’s birth and heyday in the early to mid 1980’s, the Breakfast Creek Wharf once housed riverfront restaurants however over the last decade has fallen into disrepair.

The project has been designed by Cottee Parker Architects and has a total GFA of 14,442 sqm.

According to the DA:

Brisbane, as a new world city, is quickly becoming an established centre in the global business and tourism landscape. To this end, large multinational corporations are seeking to establish a more significant presence in the Australian market and are increasingly choosing Brisbane as their base to operate from.

A number of multinational companies have recently relocated to the Newstead/ Teneriffe area including Bank of Queensland and Tatts in an effort to move into this key growth area within the Brisbane landscape.

One of the drivers in this shift towards Newstead and Teneriffe is the excellent locational characteristics that this area benefits from in the movement network of Brisbane.

The development site sits at the urban gateway to the inner city along a major transport route from the airport to the north east and as such, presents a rare opportunity to develop a truly landmark building that provides a clear break from the suburban nature of the area north of the creek, to the inner city.

The proposed development seeks to refresh and reinvigorate this urban gateway by providing a new landmark for Brisbane that further enhances Brisbane’s reputation as a new world city

The DA number for this proposed development is A004365954.


  1. “The Gallery of Modern Art in South Bank represents a similar design aesthetic with glass curtain walls utilised” . . . . while the other 3 sides give the appearance of a monolithic box. Is this really what Brisbane needs as an entry statement for arrivals from the airport and the new cruise terminal?


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