New Multi-Tower Development Proposed for Kangaroo Point

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Artist's impression of proposed Kangaroo Point development

Ozcare has submitted a development application for the construction of four new residential towers located on a large 6,172m² site boarding River Terrace, Paton Street and Main Street in Kangaroo Point.

Referred to in the DA as ‘River & Main’, the site is located next to the approved Banyan Tree Residences development.

Artist’s impression of proposed Kangaroo Point development

Development Breakdown

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Created by nra-co-lab Architects, the proposed development has been designed to provide a transition down in building height away from the 13 storey Banyan Tree Residences when viewed along Main Street.

Elevation diagram of proposed development
Landscape plan of proposed development

According to the DA, 41% of the site area will be dedicated to communal recreation space, which equates to 2,544m². The development includes 318 resident car bays as well as 40 visitor car bays.

Each of the four towers feature large landscaped rooftop terraces with pools, barbecue facilities and other shared recreational uses.

Individual architectural styling has been applied to each of the four proposed buildings so that the buildings can be separately identifiable. This is achieved through the choice of materials proposed and their application to the building facades.

The development involves the consolidation of seven different lots as well as the demolition of 66 River Terrace, a five level commercial building which houses the corporate office of site owner Ozcare.

Ozcare, a Catholic-backed organisation who provide aged care facilities across Queensland has appointed project management and advisory firm Gallus Partners to develop the site.

Despite Ozcare being an aged care provider, the application does not appear to have aged care facilities within the proposed development.

The DA number for this development is A004621066.

Site area of proposed development

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  • Good morning,
    I currently live at Kangaroo Point and am most interested in the Banyan Tree development.
    Could I please see an example of an apartment. Also, what prices are 2 and 3 bedrooms please.
    Thank you,

  • May I please have plans and prices for two or three bedrooms apartments at upper floors in each building at banyan tree looking to the city.
    Thank you,
    J. Pierson

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