New Mixed Use Tower Planned for 320 George Street

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Artist's impression of proposed 320 George Street
Artist’s impression of proposed 320 George Street

A development application has been submitted for a new 30 storey mixed use tower located at 320 George Street.

Lodged by Lionmar Holdings Pty Ltd, the development has been designed by architectural firm Ferro Arch and comprises of 26 commercial office levels, 2 bar/café/restaurant outlets, 2 residential apartments and a sizeable 275 sqm rooftop bar and restaurant on level 29.

Artist perspectives of proposed 320 George Street
Artist perspectives of proposed 320 George Street

The proposal involves the partial demolition of non-critical internal components of the Hotel to allow for the construction of a new 30 storey tower which is to be built on the site of the Grosvenor Hotel, currently an adult entertainment venue.

Project Rundown

  • Total site cover 427m (68.5%)
  • Gross Floor Area of 10,137 sqm
  • Building Height of 30 storeys (110m)
  • Development includes 13 car parks
  • Site owned by applicant for around seven years
  • Landscape design has been undertaken by Lat27.

The DA number for this development is A004548858.

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    • 2 levels I assume, but even that is quiet interesting, maybe to add sales diversity in fragile market conditions.

  • Thank goodness the facade to the topless bar seems to have heritage status. Where will all the briefs go at lunchtime now?

  • Not tall enough. So sick of developers coming in and designing quick and easy buildings for their own pockets. Wish they would have more consideration for the skyline of Brisbane.

  • Total lack of any real design for a building that will have a full impact of the South Sides Skyline as the Mercure hotel is not very tall, lets face it the 2 apartments are only in the building to get the mixed use status making the building more likely to be approved plus BCC, which currently has an over supply of office space.
    Everything from 376 – 320 George to the Mercure Hotel needs to be pulled down minus heritage facades and build a master plan of high rises and public green space maybe in the next 5-10 years much like Brisbane Quarter next door at 300 George.

    I am pro-development for Brisbane but this would be a great wast of prime space for another average building.

    • I like your thinking. Agree george street desperately needs green space. Not sure the Brisbane quarter provides mitch of that though does it?

    • I appreciate “architecture of the time”, except when it’s an uninspiring blight that hasn’t aged well. Just because something is old doesn’t mean it needs to be revered, retained and appreciated by default.

  • I just looked at the DA plans, it actually is only 2 apartments. A 3 bed, 1 bath and a 1 bed 1 bath both on Level 27.

    In regards to Jordan’s comment, there are a number of conditions on the DA which are limiting design and it relates to views of the river, not dominating the streetscape etc… Probably the reason that they haven’t gone higher.

  • I agree with some of the comments.
    1. Why only 2 or 2 floors of residential. This is weird.
    Perhaps they would be better off just having no resi component to it.
    2. Would like to see it taller.

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