New Mixed Use Development Planned for Bowen Hills

the valley live retail and commercial proposal
Artist's impression of the Valley Live retail and commercial proposal

A former Metro Property residential development proposal has been replaced by a new proposal for a mixed use retail and office precinct by OPD Developers who specialise in commercial developments.

Located at 66-98 Montpelier Road, Bowen Hills, the development designed by Nettleton Tribe and known as ‘Valley Live’ would include 35,474m2 (GFA) of office space and 9,986m2 (GFA) of retail space.

The proposal consists of four buildings set around a central urban plaza with retail activation along the Montpelier Road frontage and urban plaza.

The three towers will be medium rise in nature and rise to eight storeys high.

Artist’s impression of the Valley Live retail and commercial proposal
Artist’s impression of the Valley Live retail and commercial proposal

The podium levels will consist of a mix of retail tenancies, restaurants, boutique cinema, gym, childcare centre, supermarket and a rooftop bar on Building 4.

Proposed GFA space in the development

Design Intent

Designed to reduce bulk to Montpelier Road, towers are designed to hug the boundaries of
the site, introducing a human scale element, a 2 level bar/restaurant, to the main street frontage. The main jewel of the site, the feature awning captures the eye on arrival to the site and is forever present during the experience of the sub-tropical plaza.

Screening applied to the East, North and West facing tower walls provide visual clarity
to the towers whilst also helping achieve NABERS and Greenstar rating through mitigation of direct sunlight.

Dynamic horizontal forms create a visual intrigue from both interior and exterior, maintaining open floor plates offering flexibility in design. The architecture responds to the area. Feature balconies to all buildings take advantage of prime viewing locations towards the city and over the plaza below.

They also act to provide relief of form from the building edge and enhance architectural form and sight lines from around and within the precinct.

The DA number for this development is A004687159.


  1. The design of this is atrocious. No street presence, it’s basically an overblown strip mall in what should be a high-quality urban enrivonment.

  2. Was this designed 10 years ago? It’s a digusting bland design. Developers are turning Brisbane into ugly concrete jungles.


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